It’s that day of the year again

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Oooh, Valentine’s Day. It seems that people either love or hate it.

I’ve said it before on the blog that I’m just kind of “Meh” about the day. I’m not an overly romantic person and find a lot of V-Day gestures to be cheesy. Of course, Kyle always makes a hypocrite out of me when he surprises me with silly little things like massage gift certificates, so I won’t say I don’t appreciate his gestures. We just don’t go “all out” for the day. Dinners at restaurants are always overpriced and typical (Steak! Lobster! Wine! Chocolate cake!), and flowers are stupidly overpriced. ($30 for a dozen roses? Yeah, I don’t think so!) I honestly thing Valentine’s Day is a businesses way to make up for the mid-winter consumer slump.

I don’t think that there should be a certain day of the year set aside for your S.O. to express his or her undying love for you. Shouldn’t they do it every day of the year? I know damn well how much my husband loves me and he doesn’t have to do anything outrageous to prove anything more. Also? It’s a stupid holiday for single people to wallow in their singleness. Okay, so you don’t have someone to share the day with – so what? They should be glad that they don’t have to spend an exuberant amount of money on silly little things.

Anyway – That’s it for my annual Valentine’s Day rant. I hope you all have an amazing day regardless!

One thought on “It’s that day of the year again

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