A Letter to My Teenaged Self

To my teenaged self,

There are many things right now that you think you know the answer to, but really, you don’t. Not that you’re completely wrong, but you’re not completely right. Where shall I start?

For one, boys really do think with their dicks. They’ll tell you that they’ve liked you for x-amount of years, but the truth is, they’ll tell you that just so you’ll date them and really, they say that to all the girls they like. Also? They’ll use you. They’ll play with your feelings. They’ll make you think that they like you just to get something from you. But – That’s what being a teenager is. You’ll eventually learn that the right guy WILL come along, and when he does, don’t play with his head. There will be ups and downs in the relationship, but it will always work out and in the end you’ll have no regrets. (I promise!)

You’ll also find that friends come and go. You’ll be upset about it for a while, but don’t fret. High school friendships come and go and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. (Kind of like high school romances). There will be times later on in life where you’ll probably miss that friendship a little bit, but keep in mind that things always happen for a reason and there’s always new friends to be made down the road. It’s okay to be a bit of a loner.

There will be times when you’ll feel pressured to do and try things that you probably shouldn’t. These choices aren’t necessarily the right ones to make, but it will be a live and learn experience. Don’t ever feel compelled to do things just to make people like you; these things will just hurt those who matter the most – your family especially. They’ll still love you – that’s what family is for after all – but don’t lash out at them just because they do. Even if you don’t think it’s fair.

Finally – Remember to love yourself no matter what. Ignore what people say about you, because they don’t know the TRUE you. You’re amazing, you’re perfect just the way you are. Never forget that, even when you don’t think it’s true.


Your future self



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