Listy Friday

– Kyle leaves for Vegas on Monday! While I’m excited he’s going, I’m going to miss him! We suck at being apart from one another, but I know he’s going to have a radtastic time with his manfriends. I hope he brings me back something awesome. :)

– While he’s gone, my mom and I (and Isla) are going to take a mid-week trip to Kelowna for some shopping! I’m pretty excited for it and am hoping to get some new warm & fuzzies for the cooler weather.

– My grandpa has enlisted in my assistance buying a laptop for himself for when he goes down south. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m some kind of super tech nerd, which I’m not ,but hopefully I can help him find something reasonable for his needs. If anything, I’ll help him not get screwed over by the sales people since he has very little computer knowledge and the computer techs at the place he wants to buy his PC from are RABID.

– I may have found a daycare for Isla already! Yay! The awesome thing is that it’s RIGHT around the corner from my mom’s house, which is right around the corner from my own house. Double-yay! I’m hoping this will be a good match for Isla, because I’d love not to have to stress out about childcare anymore!

– My mom and I went to one of the local U-pick pumpkin patches in town last weekend to find pumpkins and take some photos of Miss Isla. There were SO many to choose from! I got a cute little one, but will probably find a bigger one closer to Halloween, just in case my baby pumpkin rots before then.

– While Kyle is away I have EPIC meal plans for myself! Since Kyle’s a picky eater, I’m going to test out a couple different recipes and see how they work out before I actually make them for him. I’ve found them all on Pinterest (where else?!), so I hope they turn out okay and I don’t give myself food poisoning.

– I’ve really been craving poutine lately, but haven’t had the opportunity to go get some. I told Kyle yesterday while we were in Costco that I was going to go there while he’s gone and eat ALL OF THE POUTINE. He said something about only being gone a few days, and I told him that I was going to be fat by the time he got home. Also – Costco seriously has THE BEST poutine in town. Also also – I just added “poutine” to Chrome’s dictionary, because yes, it IS a word. A delicious, gravy and cheese curd smothered word.

– We bought Christmas lights the other day and we’re pretty excited to put them up. We also bought Halloween candy a few days ago and I’m proud to say that I HAVEN’T opened the box. Anyway, I’m confused as to what season it actually is. Halloween? Christmas? What?

– Speaking of Christmas, we’ve made the executive decision to host Christmas dinner for EVERYONE this year. We’re just tired of having 4 different Christmas dinners, so we’re going to cook dinner for 10 people. And by “we,” I actually mean Kyle, because I’ve never cooked a turkey before.

– That’s enough rambling for today. Here’s a photo from the pumpkin patch last weekend :)


One thought on “Listy Friday

  1. That’s awesome you guys are hosting Christmas this year. Four dinners is A LOT. We have made the executive decision to stay in Kamloops this year because traveling home is always so stressful. Still waiting to hear if the family is going to come to us or not though!

    Enjoy your time at home by yourself next week. I LOVE having the house to myself for about the first 3-4 days and then I get lonely :)



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