Listy Friday

– Kyle is going to Las Vegas in mid-October with his guy friends. He never had a bachelor party or anything like that before we got married, so since money is marginally better and we’ve been saving, we figured a trip was justified! I know that some people will probably be all, “Oh, that’s not fair that Kyle’s going to go have fun and be away from the baby,” just I seriously don’t mind at all. Why? Because I’m not a crazy wife.

– To make things “fair” since I’m not/can’t go to Vegas, I got to buy something shiny and new for myself:

Eeeeee! I’ve yet to make anything with it since I a) Don’t have any eggs or yeast (the yeast I do have is loooong D-E-A-D), b) don’t have any yeast, and c) can’t decide what to make! I have so many delicious things pinned on Pinterest, so I’m sure I”ll be able to find something. I’m thinking these red velvet chocolate chip cookies, or these snickerdoodle cupcakes. *drool*

– Campbell jumped onto our trampoline all by himself the other day. I’m not sure if he jumped up there because he was chasing a bird or something, but this is not good, considering it sits really close to our back fence and we have no access from our yard to the greenspace behind our house. I’m going to have to watch him real close now when he’s in the yard by himself until Kyle moves the trampoline away from the fence.

– We like to play a game called, “Guess What the Neighbour is Watching”. From our living room window we can see into our neighbour’s house (which is about 250 feet away) and have a clear view of their television. While it’s a little far away, we like to guess what they’re watching. I think I’ve only guessed correctly a couple times. (Yes, I know, we’re super boring and lame people)

That’s all for today. Happy Weekend, everyone! 

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