On handouts

Who know what’s annoying? When people ask for handouts, but are picky about them.

There’s a couple groups on Facebook that I’m a part of, and a lot of people post in them that they’re looking for such-and-such an item, but it HAS to be in excellent used condition, it HAS to be name brand and oh – it HAS to be cheap because they can’t afford much.

Personally, I think they’re asking a little too much. I know if I were in a situation where I couldn’t afford much, I would take what I could get. Name brand or not, I’d be happy just to have clothes on my back.

I know there’s wonderfully kind people out there who are willing to part with their top-notch, designer clothing for cheap, but I don’t think someone should be picky to get that kind of stuff.

Who knows … maybe the people asking have been used to name-brand everything and now can’t afford much and have too much pride to buy Walmart brand clothes.

I just don’t get it though. Free and/or cheap is free and/or cheap. If it’s name-brand that’s just a bonus, but you shouldn’t be begging for it.

Just my random rant for the day.


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