Seven Quick Takes

Oh weird – it’s Friday and you get a list post! How original of me. I swear one day I’ll write a post that isn’t a list or meme. At least give me credit for switching it up and linking up to 7 Quick Takes today instead of doing “Listy Friday.” Thanks.

1. When I take sandwiches to work for lunch, I always wrap my lettuce up in a piece of paper towel and add it to my sandwich right before I’m going to eat it? Why?? Because lettuce gets soggy, and no one likes a soggy lettuce sandwich. I’m brilliant, I know.

2. With the last two weekends being crazy busy with Easter and then my Grandma’s Celebration of Life, I’m ready to just relax this weekend. My only goal is to take Daphne for a walk, providing that the weather cooperates. I think she feels neglected a little with all the attention Campbell has been receiving with his obedience training, so I think a little one-on-one time with me is well deserved. Plus, we could both use a little exercise. Lets just hope she doesn’t drag my pregnant, unstable ass down the road though.

3. Speaking of my Grandma’s Celebration of Life, it was beautiful and so many people came to show their support. I think it really gave my family a lot of closure. I had the honour of creating a slideshow/video tribute for my Grandma, which can be viewed here on YouTube if anyone so desires to watch it. It’s still so hard to believe that she’s gone, and every now and then I’ll have a, “What the hell?” moment, but it’s getting easier. The most surreal moment was when we (my mom, Grandpa and I) were cleaning up the memorial table after the service and my Grandpa simply put my Grandma’s urn in a velvety bag for safe keeping and transport, and ask me to hold onto her while he helped move some flowers to his van. I think that’s when it sunk in the most for me. There I was, “holding” my Grandma in my lap. Man, I miss her.

4. Not including today, I only have 8 more Fridays at work until I go on maternity leave. Or at least I will if all goes to plan and I don’t go into labour freakishly early. Which may or may not happen if the Canucks win again on Sunday and continue their NHL Playoff run. Being down 1-3 in the series is not ideal for my poor emotions. And really, if they lose, I’ll be both okay and not surprised by it all. I love my team, but they really dropped the ball in the playoffs.

5. Kyle’s mom bought us our nursery furniture! How amazing is that? I totally wasn’t expecting it at all! And, Kyle bought me the glider chair that I wanted for the nursery as well. So spoiled, I am. With the paint being damn-near done (just gotta remove the painting tape from the ceiling this weekend – Monday’s post will show off the room), things are finally starting to come together. I started to panic that nothing has been done since I’m due pretty much 9 weeks. WTF?

6. Does anyone else out there have a problem with flats making their feet stink? It’s a gross question, I know, but it seems that no matter what brand of flats I buy, they make my feet stink. Please note that when I wear socks/shoes they don’t stink, it’s just when I wear flats with no socks. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

7. Nothing is more ridiculous than trying to settle your dogs down after the TV makes a doorbell sound. Especially since one is still learning and one is retarded.

One thought on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. My feet are the same way! So stinky! I’m guessing it’s because we don’t have socks on to soak up the sweat so our shoes do it? ICK!



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