Ten on Tuesday

This week’s ToT questions are all about baseball, and while I don’t actually watch baseball, I do (well, did, before pregnancy) play slo-pitch, which is basically a sissier version of baseball. I’ll base my answers off of that knowledge!

1. What is the most exciting thing to see on a baseball field?
Probably insane catches in the outfield. There’s nothing more amazing than watching a fielder catch a fly ball and wondering “How on earth did he catch that?!”

2. What snacks do you usually get at a game?
I generally don’t get snacks. Usually I’ll buy sunflower seeds for when I’m playing. Nothing like filling the dugout with sunflower shells!

3. Do you yell at the umps? Other players?
No, I’m usually pretty reserved. Hockey games, however, are a different story, lol.

4. If you could be commissioner for a day, what would you change about MLB?
I’ll say nothing since I know nothing about the league.

5. Which of the following have you seen in person at a baseball game:
a. a rainout? Nope! We play in all weather.
b. a no-hitter? Not in my beer-league, we’re not that good, lol.
c. a grand slam? A couple, but again – beer league!
d. your face on the JumboTron? Ha – no way Kamloops can afford one of those.
e. a squeeze play? I don’t even know what that is …
f. a fight? Almost – We once got a little scrappy with our opponent because they wanted to keep playing even though a) They were losing to us pretty badly, and b) It was too dark to play. We prevailed. It was WAY too dangerous to be playing ball!

6. What do you say to people who claim that baseball is boring?
You’re probably right, but it’s way more fun to play!

7. What do you think of the recent trend of singing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch?
I’ve never heard of that, but I think that’s bizarre. Why? Would they sing it if they were playing in Toronto? (I’m thinking about the Blue Jays but can’t remember which league they actually belong to)

8. Old school “knickers” or full length pants?
Pants, all the way. Old school looks hilarious though.

9. What do you do about the obnoxious drunk guys/girls sitting around you?
Ignore them, for the most part. In beer league, they’re everywhere!

10. For a game you’re watching in person, what’s your limit on extra innings? How many before you just bail?
I think I’ve only played one game where we had to go to an extra inning, and I’ve never actually watched a game with one. I will note that I watched a hockey game with 4 overtime periods, and it was getting a little ridiculous after they went into the 3rd OT. Luckily, my team won in the end!



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