Bang, bang. You get Bullets

I’ve been way to crazy busy to write actual posts. This is all you get.

  • I have a freelance project due today and I swear I’ll get it finished, as much as my husband panics about me procrastinating for so long.
  • We move in six days!!
  • It’s finally really started to snow in Kamloops which makes me kind of happy and kind of annoyed. I really wish it would’ve held off until after we move. Oh well. Can’t have everything, right?
  • NINE years ago today Kyle and I started dating. We celebrated by going out for dinner at a super fabulous restaurant. I ate sablefish and Kyle had steak. We also shared crab cakes as a starter plate and he had a dessert sampler with creme brule, baklava and toffee pudding and I had star anise and pear crumble with vanilla bean gelato. OMG. So good!

  • Kyle treated me to a new winter coat! Last year I really wanted a wool coat but never got around to buying one. My past coat has been an enormous yet very warm Carhartt jacket. I really just wanted something more professional looking and less industrial. I’m pretty excited to wear it out today! The only downer is that it’s going to collect dog hair like a fool.
  • I’m finally getting my hair/bangs cut today. I’ll never go longer than three weeks without trimming my bangs ever again. I look like an emo hipster kid.
  • I have started my Christmas shopping. WHO AM I??? Never before have I started shopping in November. Never.
  • Writing this blog post is only helping my procrastination.
  • Some time in December I have an exciting announcement. I think. We’ll see! (cue dramatic music and fade away …)

Happy Friday! What’s on your list today?

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