Seven Quick Takes

1. I am debating buying a 50mm lens for my camera. I think I can pick one up for $100 right now on sale, but I’m stumped. I currently use a 18-105mm lens on a Nikon D90 body. Would a 50mm lens take better photos than my current lens? So stumped. I know the 50mm would be better for portraits and landscape, but how much better? Help!

2. Thank goodness it’s Friday finally. Even though it was only a four-day workweek, it still feels like it took forever to get through!

3. This weekend, I’m going to make these cookies. The recipe is from Canadian Living, and it’s actually in a super-old cookbook my mom has (also by Canadian Living). Anyway, my mom used to make these chocolate chip cookies when I was little and she’d toss them into an ice cream bucket and into the freezer for storage. My childhood BFF and I would just eat them from the freezer, and so we called them Cookies from the Freezer. To this day we talk about them, and so I’m going to bake them Sunday. And the same friend is expecting her first child in a few weeks, so I sent her the recipe. It’s pretty amazing, really.

4. Yesterday I was asked to come into my boss’s office (the editor-in-chief) along with the publisher. TERRIFYING! I thought for sure I was canned for whatever reason. But – they didn’t shut the door, so that’s a good sign. As it turns out, unfortunately, my coworker’s husband is on the emergency transplant list and may have to leave at a moment’s notice – for three months. The publisher wanted to know if I’d be interested in filling in for her position while she was away. Much better news than what I thought!! So, I’m taking the extra work, and I’m pretty stoked about it.

5. Also yesterday I got to work to find an email in my inbox telling me I was to go to a press conference at 4:30. I was excited because it would’ve been my “big break” but bummed because it would’ve made me late for slo-pitch. As it turns out, the organizers of the conference weren’t very organized at all, and another reporter wrote up a brief instead. I’m bummed but glad that it didn’t work out. Only three weeks of slo-pitch left!

6. Don’t you just hate it when you go to have a sip of coffee but you’ve run out? That happens to be everyday. You’d think would’ve learned by now.

7. Kyle and I went for dinner at his aunt & uncle’s on Monday and we had these amazing little tacos with cheese, grilled rouladen, homemade salsa, blanched red onions and lime juice. OMG SO GOOD! We’re definitely going to try remaking them. We also had an Anaheim pepper stuffed with Havarti cheese. Love, love, love!

What foods are you loving right now? Any camera lens advice?

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