Wednesday Weekend Update

Yeah, it’s Wednesday, and technically, the weekend was a few days ago, but because it was a long weekend here in (most of) Canada, today is only my second day back to work. Ha! I’m pretty stoked on the short work week, although that just means next week is going to draaaag on by. Lame. Anywho …

My long weekend was uber fabulous and relaxed. On Saturday I went golfing with my mom at a local golf course (there’s about 10 courses in and around Kamloops alone!) and I whooped her butt! Okay, I only beat her by 11 strokes, and my score was waaaaay beyond the course par, but still – a win is a win, haha! It was fun golfing with just my mom and we were exhausted and hot after 18 holes, so we stopped at Starbucks for Passion Tea Lemonade and Chicken Santa Fe paninis afterwards. Delicious!

On Sunday I drove to Kelowna to visit my MOH. She came down from Fort St. John to stay at her mom’s for a couple weeks since her wedding is all planned and ready to go, lucky duck. I wasn’t finished planning until the night before the big day. Such is life when you have a planner I guess …

Anyway, we took her daughter Lilly to the beach, which conveniently happens to be a block from her mom’s house. It was super cute watching her go in the water – she hasn’t been to the beach since she was a newborn, so it was funny to see her facial expressions when she walked in the sand and went in the water. Priceless! I can’t wait to have kids of my own to take to the beach; it’s like reliving your childhood.

I even got a little bit sunburnt on my shoulders and back – my second burn on the year! I gotta remember to apply sunscreen more often.

I took a few photos (all of Lilly, of course), so I’ll share some:

Have you been to the beach lately?

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