Thursday Yays and Nays

Sorry I missed my WTW post yesterday. I’ve been so busy/stressed finishing up the final wedding details that I just haven’t found time to blog! Hell, my Ten on Tuesday post this week consisted of me running around the house frantically taking pictures while Kyle scratched his head.

So today, I bring to you some Yays and Nays of the week!


  • My bathrooms are CLEAN. I hate cleaning them, so this is a huge accomplishment.
  • My toenails are painted a pretty orangey-pink after going a WHOLE DAY with nothing on them. Unacceptable for the summer!
  • I’m actually getting my very first pedicure a couple days before the wedding.
  • The wedding is only 16 days away! OMG.
  • Kyle and I met with our marriage commissioner and she’s FABULOUS. I can’t wait!
  • It’s amazingly nice outside! I need a patio set SO bad!
  • I bought a bucket of strawberry margarita mix. Liver be warned …
  • The Canucks whooped the Sharks’ asses last night! HA!
  • There’s a crow hanging around our house and we’re pretty sure it’s the spawn of the devil.
  • We got a VERY late RSVP in the mail yesterday (like, a month late). It messed up my final numbers and table seating chart, but i got it figured out (Yay!)
  • I have to work allllll day tomorrow. (9:30 a.m. to 10:15 p.m.) Having two jobs is FUN!
That’s it for Nays actually. Yay!
What are your YAYS and NAYS for today?

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