WTW: It’s the Little Things

Last week Amber tweeted me and requested a post on the little wedding details that you often may not think about until the last minute. You know, the ones that make you go, “Holy shirts and pants, I forgot about that!” And believe me, I’ve had a lot of “Holy Shirt” moments. And so, I present to you a list of the little things (Even though I think I said a couple weeks ago that I’d have no more lists. I also said I’m flaky though).

Chair covers/sashes

When I had first started figuring out all my linen rentals, chair covers and sashes had completely slipped my mind. My mom had asked me if I was renting them, and I said “No”. I guess that was the wrong answer. Anyway, if you don’t want chair covers, check out the state of the chairs wherever you may be having your reception/dinner. If they’re old and wooden, they may snag your dress. If they’re just old, they may clash with the rest of your decor. The chairs where we’re having our rehearsal are old and plastic. At least the chair covers will add a little padding.


These may not seem like something you’d have to think over a million times, but I certainly have. For one, flowers are EXPENSIVE. My cost-saving solution? Renting the vases (only $2 each compared to buying them at $6 each) and buying the flowers wholesale from Costco.


At first I was reluctant to have a guestbook. Then I thought, “Well, what if I want to remember who was at my wedding?” Then I thought, “But all the guestbooks you buy have at least 100 lined pages in them, and I don’t have that many people coming and don’t want a bunch of blank pages!” Then I searched around Etsy and found the perfect custom guestbook. It matches our invitations and it’s so much better than the lame ones you find in stores around town. Plus – It only has 50 unlined pages, so guests can sign where they like as write as much as they like! If there’s any leftover pages, I’ll plan on turning the remainder of the book into a little keepsake album.

The Garter

There’s just something awkward about having your man remove something from under your dress with his teeth in front of all your family and friends and then tossing it to single men. That being said, I avoided the whole garter issue until my mom bought me one. (Almost as awkward as the previous sentence) Just think of it as being your something blue, and don’t spend a lot of money on it.

Tossing bouquet

My aunt who’s designing my bouquet had actually asked me if I wanted a tossing bouquet and at first I thought it was a silly idea. But then I thought, “Well, maybe I want to keep my bouquet around for a few days?” So a tossing bouquet it is. Another reason why I went with a different bouquet to toss is because my flowers will have little gems throughout the bouquet and they might go flying or hurt someone. (I’ve noticed that women get crazy for that bouquet!)

That’s all the “little things” I can think of! If there’s anything else you can think of, add them to the comments.

What are your Wedding Day “Little Things?”

6 thoughts on “WTW: It’s the Little Things

  1. We forgot to make arrangements with the caterer to cut our wedding cake until after he had already left. I didn’t really care about it, but my MIL was HORRIFIED. Fortunately one of Nathan’s cousins had worked as a caterer before and she was able to cut the cake for our guests :) Nathan and I posed for the cake pictures but then we started talking to some of our friends and completely forgot to actually EAT the cake. To this day, I have NEVER had cake at any wedding I’ve been to. It’s really quite tragic …


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