WTW: RSVP Crunch Time

One of the most ridiculous things about wedding planning is the excitement/nervousness that comes with getting an RSVP in the mail. All sorts of things rush through your head: Who’s it from? Did they accept? Are they both coming? Oh hell, they better not say “No” and then show up anyway … (Okay, maybe that’s just me)

My RSVP due date is less than a week away and I’m still waiting for and handful and a bit of RSVP’s. It frustrating, especially when people who are obviously coming (ie. have told us they’re coming) have not sent their cards in. GAH! We sent them out at the end of January, I think two months is lots of time, but maybe not? Anyway, moving on.

The biggest issue I’ve noticed on many-a-wedding website is how to let the invite recipients know who’s invited and who’s not. In our case, it’s an “Adults only” reception. On many a wedding website, it’s stated that only the individuals addressed on the invitation are the ones invited, and it’s presumed that if a single individual is invited they may bring a guest. I guess it’s not commonsense to some. I’ve got a couple RSVP’s back with children included (Insert my panic here in how to make sure kids don’t actually show up to the reception).

Thankfully, most people have been pretty understanding of the “No Kids” reception concept. Luckily, my mom has a big house and I have a cousin old enough to babysit the young-uns during the reception.

And most of all, I’ll be glad to get the final headcount done so I’ll be able to work on everything else that needs to be done, including a seating chart (mandatory due to conflicting family members) and those pesky favours that I was stressing out over a while back (I’m SO glad all the stuff on that list is crossed off!)

How did/will you decide who comes and who doesn’t?

And a very Happy Birthday to my Mommy, who has helped made planning this wedding so. much. easier. Love her! <3

2 thoughts on “WTW: RSVP Crunch Time

  1. God I’m hoping the “only the people addressed on the invitation” rule works for our wedding. I have some aunts and uncles with a bunch of step-children who are NOT going to be invited nor are they wanted since I don’t even know them!

    Now that our venue is booked we have a nice lull from wedding-related things but my mom is going to be here the week after April so I’m sure we’ll start really crunching the guest list again then. I want to send out the save the dates at least 11 months in advance since it’s a destination (i.e. people need to save money!) wedding.


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