My laptop is currently at the doctor’s getting fixed. I feel a little lost and deprived without my precious laptop, but I’ve been surviving on my cellphone’s internet connection and Kyle’s desktop PC.

I feel bad for not giving you a WTW post this week, so I’ll give you a mini update today!

Monday morning I got a call from the bridal salon and they told me my dress was in!! I went down the next morning with my mom and tried it on and let me tell yah – I did NOT want to take it off! We picked out a gorgeous veil (which, for the record, will NOT be covering my face AT ALL, lol) and left everything in the care of the salon until my appointment with the seamstress on April 4. Apparently that’s a little early to be fitted, mostly because they’re concerned about weight gain or loss. I’m pretty sure I’m going going to go and loose a bunch of weight, I just want to be more toned.

Also new this week: Kyle got his new truck on Monday and it’s AMAZING! I took a crappy cellphone photo of it but I’ll take a better one in the future and post it. For now I’ll just tell you that it’s a Ford Ranger FX4. I love it! I can’t wait for my car to become the “carpool car” when Kyle finds a carpool for his new job, just so I can drive the truck around. Woo woo!

We also went on a mini-date last night to the movies, which was great because we haven’t gone out with just the two of us in a while. We had a “Couple’s Night Out” gift certificate from Kyle’s aunt & uncle for watching their house while they were away, so it was a perfect inexpensive date! It actually only cost us $0.80 since I wanted butter on my popcorn, lol.

I think that’s all I have to share with you for today! Hopefully my laptop is back today so I can catch up on my blogging :)

Happy Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Deprived

  1. Ack! I don’t know what I would do with myself if my computer broke. Thank god for my iPhone, because without that I would be completely lost. Hopefully you’ll get your laptop back soon and good as new!

    Congrats on the dress!! I’m sure it’s beautiful. :) That’s so exciting. Also, congrats on getting married! When is the date? I just recently married my hubby a little over 3 years ago (I guess in the grand scheme of things it’s recent, although it feels like eons ago that it happened! lol)… I wish you all the happiness ever. :)



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