WTW: Your Questions, Answered!

Last week, I put the word out that I’d answer anyone’s questions they may have about wedding planning, be it for mine or otherwise. Here’s my answers!

Out of all the wedding planning what would you say has given you the biggest headache? What’s been the most fun?

Finding bridesmaid’s dresses was stressful. With everyone living in a different city, I was really worried that I wasn’t going to be able to find anything that I liked, nevermind something affordable for my girls. Luckily, two of the three were able to get together and we found the perfect dress that was also affordable!

I’d also say that settling on the guest list was VERY stressful. I have tons of family and Kyle doesn’t. We didn’t know where to draw the line when it came to 2nd cousins and other relatives.

That being said – the most fun is getting all the little RSVP cards back! Getting a “Yes” card in the mail just makes me giddy!

Another Amber (lol!) asked:

Did you ever consider a destination wedding? Why or why not?

We briefly played with the idea, mostly because we have dysfunctional family members and a destination wedding would be the “easy way out” of inviting them. (Chances are, they wouldn’t be able to afford to go) We decided against it because a) It’s expensive, b) Neither of us have passports and c) We want to share the day with everyone, regardless of how well they may or may not get along with everyone. Here’s to hoping all goes smoothly!

What is something about wedding planning you did not expect at all?

How easy it’s been overall. Seriously! Granted, I had a lot of vendors picked out before Kyle even proposed, but even with our short engagement period (seven months, give or take!) it was easy finding caterers, photographers, DJ’s and venues. Everything else was expected – the cost especially. I guess that’s what happens when you watch Rich Bride, Poor Bride every morning! lol

What are you doing for the ceremony – are you having it outdoors or indoors?

Our ceremony is going to be indoors. Because the wedding is in early June and we tend to have bi-polar weather, I didn’t want to get stuck in the rain. My fingers are crossed for not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather!

Are you writing your own vows?

We are not, mostly because Kyle does not have a creative bone in his body, lol. But really, it’s less sappy that way too. We’re not super mushy romantic people, so it would be pretty uncharacteristic!

Is the wedding that you are planning one you’ve always dreamed of having?

You know, I never dreamed of my wedding growing up, so no! I only started “plotting” a couple years ago after Kyle and I moved in together.

Any other questions? Just ask! I had fun answering these!

And be sure to go congratulate Amber at the Girl With the Red Hair, as well as Eemusings at Musings of an Abstract Aucklander, who both just got ENGAGED last week! Amber actually asked a few of these questions before her man popped (I totally just accidentally wrote that as “pooped”) the question, but I suppose they have more meaning behind them now, lol! (Congrats again ladies!)

4 thoughts on “WTW: Your Questions, Answered!

  1. YAYYY! I love your answers! How funny that Eric proposed the day after I asked all those. If you couldn’t tell by my questions I may have been “plotting” for the last few months too :P

    We are still seriously considering a destination wedding – though we are having doubts for all the same reasons you guys chose not to have one – I just really want to get married on a white sand beach. We’ll see ;)


  2. Ahhh, loved your answers! I honestly don’t know what kind of wedding I would have. I never “dreamed” about my wedding either. My mom made a comment one day a long time ago about a destination wedding for me, which I think would be fun but I’m not sure… I would hate to miss out on some of the things that comes along with a traditional wedding.


  3. I don’t really want an outdoor wedding at all! The weather here is too finicky. And like you, T has some veeeeerrrrrrry dysfunctional family members, who are all dirt poor and very fond of free alcohol, so a destination wedding is tempting. But yeah, I think I’d like to have a day where our friends can all be there.



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