Ten on Tuesday

1. What type of home do you currently reside in? (house, apartment, etc.)

I currently live in a lovely little townhouse!

2. If you could completely redecorate one room in your home, what room would you pick, why, and what would you do to it?

That’s a tough one! I think the room that needs it the most is the bathroom. The paint is cheap and bubbling. :(

3. What is your favourite place to gain inspiration for your home decor style?

I love Ikea, but I also love East-meets-West.

4. What is your favourite piece of decor in your home?

That’s a good question! I do love my coffee and end table. And couch.

5. What do you want visitors to feel when they visit your home? Do you think your home gives off that feeling?

Warm and welcome. I think it does, or at least I hope it does!

6. Describe your home in one word and explain why you chose that word.

Ours, because after years of saving, it’s ours and not anyone else’s!

7. What are some predominant colors or patterns in your home?

Various shades of brown, and black. We didn’t pick the wall colours, but the living room furniture is mostly black.

8. What is your favourite room in your home and why?

The living room or our bedroom. The living room because it’s big and open, and our bedroom because our bed is so amazingly comfy!

9. Do you take a hands-on or DIY approach to projects around your home or do you enlist or hire help?

We haven’t done any projects yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a combination of both. We’re definitely not installing our own windows!

10. Where is your favourite place to shop for home furnishings?

Home Depot or Jysk.

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