Blog Swap: Angelica

Hey Guys! Looks like I got a post to share with you after all! Here’s a guest post from Angelica, and be sure to check out her blog Gelie Beans and Sparkly Things!


Hi Ya’ll! This is Angelica at Gelie Beans and Sparkly Things! As part of the 20SB blog swap, I was lucky enough to get partnered up with Kara from Chatter! Since it is the holidays, and the new year is upon us, the theme for the blog swap, “Action. What will you do next year that you’ve been putting off for too long?” seemed fitting!
2010 has been an amazing year.. i’ve been pretty blessed! But I know I know i’ve got a lot to live up to in 2011. Among putting off the normal things we all shove aside, you know like the laundry, cleaning house, changing the oil in your car (I do not recommend doing that!), I actually have a pretty heft to-do list!
  1. Complete a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon. I know that seems crazy, but it is something that I physically can do (if I train properly) and mentally can do (I think I can!). I’ve been training and already completed 2-5K races in November, so I know I can do the smaller mileage, but I’d love to proudly be able to say I ran a half! We will see!
  2. Finish a book. Im terrible about starting a book and “reading” it for 6-12 months. Seriously. My boyfriend bought me 2 books in July for my birthday, and guess what? They went straight on the shelf. I want to read them, and I defiantly have time, I just have to get off facebook long enough to read a chapter or so every night.
  3. Print my Spain pictures. I studied abroad in Spain in the summer of 2008 and I have only printed out a fraction of my pictures. As part of my welcome home/ birthday party when I returned, by best friend got me these beautiful photo albums to put all my pictures in, and you guessed it. they are on a shelf, empty. it’s embarrassing!
  4. Actually sell something on Etsy. I’ve had a shop open for quite some time, and make some cool stuff that people have bought, I just haven’t been brave enough to photograph my stuff and put it online. This kind of coincides with opening my own business (Im an interior designer!) I know I can work for myself, but I am so nervous to go out on my own! I’ve been working for other designers for over 4 years, and I hope im ready!
that seems to be all i can put my finger on right now. have you been putting something off for way too long that 2011 can cure?? hope to see some of you visit my blog, and be sure to read some chatter on my blog as well! happy holidays!


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