WTW: I’m a Crier

I know I asked on Friday what you’d like me to blog about for today’s Wedding-Talk Wednesday (now abbreviated to WTW!) post, but instead I’m blogging about my ridiculous emotions.

Apparently, anything I see or hear about weddings, I start to get ridiculously overly emotional and tear up. I bawled my eyes out when Kyle proposed, and it hasn’t stopped since then.

While trying on wedding dresses, I cried a little when I found “the one”. (Which, by the way, I had sworn I’d never call my dress “the one” but that never happened) It didn’t really help that my mom started crying too. Oh yeah, random tangent: A week after we got engaged, my mom and I went out to look at wedding dresses just to “get an idea” of what I liked and didn’t like. Yeah …. I found a dress and fell in love! It’s so beautiful … I wish I could share it with you but I’m keeping it top-secret!

Okay, so I also bawled my eyes out watching the episode of Glee a couple weeks ago where Kurt and Finn’s parents get married. That song by Bruno Mars they enter the church in? I’m totally attempting to work that into my wedding somehow. Maybe as we enter the reception … hmm ….

And, I’ll randomly cry watching various wedding shows on Slice or TLC. What a sucker I am!

Of course, they’re not always happy tears. Wedding planning has been hard, and while we’ve gotten through a lot of the tough planning (like the guest list, which I’ll save for another post) there is still a LOT to get through. Just wait until I’m neck-deep in wedding invitation kits. Or trying to find the right shade of blue for the table runners.

And now I’m tempted to make myself bawl a little bit more by watching wedding-themed movies: 27 Dresses? Check! Sex and the City? Check! (Damn that Mr. Big!) Oh, maybe I’ll throw in Wedding Crashers just for shits and giggles.

If  you’re married, did you get sobby over silly little things? If you’re not, do you?

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