I need a personal shopper

With all this wedding stuff going on, I have had no time to start my Christmas shopping! Yeah, I know it’s only December 2nd, but usually I have at least a general idea of what I’m going to get everyone! This year, not so much.

I’ve been contemplating getting this for Kyle:

What guy wouldn’t want a shiny new power tool!?

The lamest thing? I don’t even have a Christmas wishlist this year. Or at least a reasonable one. A Nikon D5000 is probably a little too pricey for anyone to give, although I could settle for a nice duvet.

So if anyone would like to go do my Christmas shopping for me, or compile a list of things that I may like for Christmas, feel free to v0lunteer! I am beyond lost.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Don’t make me jealous and say you’re all done!

2 thoughts on “I need a personal shopper


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