The Countdown Begins

First of all, be sure to go check out my guest post over at Angela’s blog, Craving Cupcakes! She’s moving this week! Yay!

Welcome to the first (and definitely not last) instalment of Wedding-Talk Wednesday! I’ve decided to reserve all wedding talk for Wednesdays, because A) Wedding and Wednesday both start with the letter ‘W’ and it sounds good, and B) if you hate reading about weddings you can skip over my blog on Wednesdays because chances are, it will be about my pending wedding. Ready? OK!

So, as you may have already read, a few weeks ago, Kyle popped the magical question! And ever since then, I’ve been neck-deep in wedding planning. Why so soon? Well, we’ve set a date for June 4, 2011. That’s only six months away! But, I’ve learned that I’m a pretty gosh-darn efficient wedding planner! So far I’ve already:

  • Booked the ceremony venue
  • Booked the reception venue
  • Booked a DJ
  • Booked a photographer (I’m meeting with her tomorrow!)
  • Found and booked a marriage commissioner (The most important part!)
  • Booked a caterer (We’re meeting with him on Saturday!)
  • Found and ordered my dress
  • Found a florist (One of my aunts is an amazing florist!)
  • Bought invitations
  • Drafted a guest list

Crazy right? Go me!

Now, you may have also seen this Tweet the other day too:

And I did say to someone that I’d explain myself!

So, I had originally promised one of my friends back before she stopped speaking to me. Well, after I had announced on Facebook  that Kyle and I were engaged, she sent me a text congratulating me. After a couple days of deliberation, I asked her to be my MOH, to which she said, “Of course, but I’ll be overseas for field school. Can you move your date ahead a couple weeks?” (Remember this tweet?)

Now, I didn’t un-MOH her at that point. We went for coffee a few days after that, we chatted, I found things were too awkward, and went back home a little lost and still with a MOH that didn’t feel right. So, in the meantime, I asked my real best friend B from FSJ to be my MOH, and her reaction was what one’s reaction should be: Jumping for joy and having horrendous typo’s in the response because you’re too excited to type properly.

And yesterday I sent my original MOH a message asking her about field school and whether or not she was going, and she responded saying that she was. I felt less guilty about un-MOHing her and so happy with my decisions.

And now? Now have an amazing bridal party consisting of B, C and Mel. I’m relieved and excited to share my wedding day with three of my closest friends.

I think that’s enough wedding talk for now. I don’t want to give it all away all at once!

Bride or not: Have any tips or advice?

3 thoughts on “The Countdown Begins

  1. You are so ahead of the game!! Look at all those items off of your to-do list!!!

    Don’t feel guilty about the MOH situation at all!! This is YOUR day!!! your MOH should be ECSTATIC and sounds like you have the right pick :)



  2. I cannot BELIEVE how efficient you are. When I get engaged can I hire you??? Haha.

    I think that is a COMPLETELY legit reason to un-MOH someone. If she doesn’t care enough to make sure she’s there for your wedding than she doesn’t deserve to be your MOH! I’m glad you feel right in your gut about your final decision :)



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