Day 13


I don’t know if I’m a goal-oriented person. I mean, I have my daily goals of waking up and getting to work on time, but really, now that I have my house, I really don’t have many long-term goals. I suppose I can scrounge up a few for the sake of this blog post though!

  • I’d like to get back into going to the gym. I’ve been feeling sluggish and lazy lately, so getting back to the gym would probably be a good thing. That being said, I’d probably have to restrict my availability at Job #2 to do so. I work to damn much!
  • Maybe I should just quit Job #2. There’s a goal! Quit Job #2 for GOOD.
  • Have babies.
  • Eventually get married.
  • Work full-time at Job #1.

Hmm, that’s about it. How lame am I? So inspire me: What are some of your goals, long or short-term?

Tomorrow: A picture you love

4 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. I’m sure you could squeeze in the gym if you really wanted to. What about morning workouts before Job #1? Or weekend workouts when you don’t have Job #1?

    My goals include buying a house, running another marathon, traveling more, and continuing to move up in my career. I’m still not 100% sure where exactly I want my career to go but I know I’m super happy with it right now so I guess moving up is what I want :)


  2. Run a 10k. (In an hour or less).

    Have a better work schedule (without hopefully sacrificing too much income).

    Tick off everything on my travel list by 30 :)

    Get hitched and buy a house



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