Day 11

Favourite TV Shows

I have a few favourite TV shows that are current:

  • Grey’s Anatomy. What girl isn’t in love with this show?
  • Private Practice. Other than everyone having sex with each other, the show is really good.
  • Weeds. Mary Louise Parker’s character is awesome. And her kids are going to need some serious therapy when they have their mid-life crisis.
  • Glee. Need I say anything that describes the greatness of this show?
  • Canada’s Worst Driver. Seriously, how can people like these be allowed on public roads?
  • The Ultimate Fighter. Yeah, it’s kind of a guy’s show, but who wouldn’t want to stare at the deliciousness that is Georges St. Pierre? ;)
  • Rookie Blue. It’s a pretty well made Canadian show about rookie city police in Ontario. Apparently the American viewers don’t think it’s “Canadian” enough. (i.e., not enough people wearing toques, lumberjack sweaters, saying “Eh” and eating poutine.)
  • Law & Order: SVU. Kyle and I love the intensity of this show, minus the ridiculous “What the hell is going to happen?” abrupt endings. We like to say that we’ve been “Dick Wolfed” (He’s the director of the show).

Of course, there’s a couple shows that aren’t on TV anymore which I loved (and will still watch if there’s a rerun)

  • Friends. Duh.
  • Alias. My mom and I used to watch this one all the time together. Ah Sidney Bristow, you are a smart cookie.

I’m sure there’s a lot more, but those are my favourites! What are you favourites, dear readers?

Tomorrow: What I believe.

2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. I watch Greys, Gossip Girl, Big Bang Theory and Brothers and Sisters every week!

    Some other shows I enjoy, but don’t watch regularly, are The Office, Mad Men and Weeds! I’ve actually only watched ONE episode of Weeds but I really liked it. I need to find time to catch up on the whole season :-)


  2. I’m probably one of the 5% of girls who don’t watch either Grey’s or Private Practice. I stopped watching Grey’s because it got too weird and annoying for me. And I missed a season of PP and now need to catch up to it! But Denny died. And I loved Denny. So I can’t watch it without Denny. :)

    My favorite shows are Modern Family, The Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, and The Apprentice. (Yes. I love reality TV!)



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