Eyes, Don’t Fail Me Now

Image via We <3 It

I have had amazing 20/20 or better vision all my life. My eye doctor was always impressed with my amazing ability to see things far away and I must admit, it was fun to brag. Kyle, our (old) roommate and his girlfriend all wear glasses/contacts. I enjoyed not having to whine about my eyes being dry or tired because of the lenses. I would brag about becoming a fighter pilot because of my awesome vision. But …

The other day I was playing my new video game like the nerd I am and had a hard time reading the print on the screen. I figured my eyes were just tired – yup, just tired. It was fairly late in the evening, so I figured I just needed to go to bed. However, the next day, the words on the screen were still a little blurry. Aww, shit. I asked Kyle if they looked blurry to him, and he said no. Double shit. Now I’m contemplating going to the eye doctor to find out if my beautiful 20/20 vision is finally failing me.

Believe me – I didn’t think it would last forever. Both of my parents wear corrective lenses. My mom for distance, my dad all the time, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before I had to get them. I just thought it would last a little longer. I don’t think I look good in glasses. My biggest fear is that the only ones that will look good on me are the black-rimmed ones that all the Asian kids wear. *sigh* We’ll see I guess.

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