Ten on Tuesday

1. If given the opportunity, would you choose a mediocre job that paid well or your dream job that paid poorly?

Currently, I’d probably take the mediocre job that paid well. I’m sick and tired of working two jobs, so I’d put up with being in an “okay” job if I meant I could have weekends off again.

2. What is your favourite thing about the 4th of July? (For the foreigners: What is your impression of the 4th of July?)

Yay for being a “foreigner”! My impression of July 4th celebrations is that they’re like our Canada Day ones but more patriotic. Maybe more fireworks too? I don’t know! But I get the feeling that Americans are HUGELY patriotic. (Not that I’m not proud to be Canadian – I just think we’re more subtle about being proud)

3. What’s the most random fact you know about American history?

The Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock. Or something like that. Oh, and George Washington is the coolest man ever. Here’s why:

4. What is the best fireworks display you’ve ever seen?

Definitely the Symphony of Fire (Now called the Celebration of Light) in Vancouver. It’s an annual fireworks competition between several countries. They have a barge out in False Creek and the fireworks are choreographed to music. I think I was in Grade 6/7 when I watched them. Absolutely amazing!

5. Who taught you how to put on makeup?

No one. I figured out cover-up and mascara on my own, and that’s it. I don’t wear make-up otherwise!

6. Have you ever gone through a financial planning process? Tell us about it.

Yes. It’s hard seeing where all my money goes, especially if it’s wasted on things like random coffee dates and shopping trips. We’re really starting to crunch numbers since we’re in the process of house hunting. (More on this later on in the week!)

7. What was your favourite outfit as a kid? Bonus points for pictures.

I really don’t remember having a favourite outfit, but I know I did wear a lot of over-sized t-shirts for some reason:

I'm pretty sure this shirt goes to my knees. And the headband? Yeah, I'm rocking it!

8. Do you prefer a beach, lake, swimming pool, or no water?

A beach if it has nice sand, a lake if it has no leaches and a swimming pool if it’s clean and isn’t public.

9. Do you recycle? If not, why?

I do! Kamloops makes it easy with a curb-side recycling program. The garbage truck just comes long and picks up our trash and recycling all at once. (No worries, the truck has two separate sections that separates the trash from the recyclables!) I don’t even have to sort my recycling stuff!

10. What are your thoughts and feelings about the Twilight Saga?

Ridiculous. There’s already been a vampire/human love story and it’s called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hell, they even threw in a werewolf in the TV show (Hello Oz!) AND a witch. I want to punch anyone who gushes over Robert Pattinson or Taylor Launter. Kristen Stewart needs a shower, Robert needs a haircut and Taylor needs to look less pouty! GAAAAH! VAMPIRES ARE NOT DREAMY, THEY WILL EAT YOUR BLOOD. You know what happened to Buffy when she slept with Angel? HE TRIED TO KILL HER. Okay, I’m done.

2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I agree sooo much with your 10.
    That video is hilarious. Our friends showed it to us last time we saw it. They never mentioned any of that stuff when I went to Mt Vernon, trying to hide all America’s secrets.



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