Introverted State of Mind

Before I even start, I’m going to apologize to both Melissa and Amber for bringing up the whole “Introvert or Extrovert” conundrum. For the rest of you, it’s kind of a TRU J-School inside joke that no one else could understand. Moving on now …

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Kyle often asks me why I’m so quiet, since I have a journalism degree. The thing is, I’m vocal when I need to be. If the job requires it, I’ll do it. If it were up to me, I’d chase fuzzy feel-good stories all the time that have people tell me what’s on their minds. I’m not looking to stand out and destroy companies Watergate-style.

This quietness, however, follows me home. When Kyle and I are trying to have a serious conversation, I tend to clam up and not say much about anything, be it a truck he wants to buy, a house we’re considering dropping a shiz-ton of money on, or career moves. And the quietness burns me. It understandably frustrates Kyle and then makes me feel bad for being too introverted.

I try, try and try to be more vocal and opinionated, but it’s not my style. I get overwhelmed and emotional. I’m not necessarily shy, but I don’t start conversations with strangers. I love a gong show party, but only if I know at least two other people there.

I am introverted. What are you?

10 thoughts on “Introverted State of Mind

  1. I am like you! I love to be goofy and outgoing when I’m comfortable but definitely not when I’m around new people. It takes me awhile to get to that point and sometimes even with my good friends it takes me a little bit to “warm up”. I wish I was more extroverted, but I’m just not one that has to announce myself like others do.


    • Oh, and not at all ashamed of it. I’m tired of extroverts acting like I’m antisocial or unfriendly because I don’t feel the need to be the centre of attention or broadcast my conversations to the general public…!


  2. Introvert. Definitely. And like Melissa said, NOT ASHAMED OF IT! For the longest time I tried to be more of an extrovert but I’m learning to be happy with who I am :)


    • I thought you’d like that, lol!

      I’m definitely more outgoing when I’m around people I’m comfortable with. You don’t have to worry so much about them thinking you’re a weirdo, haha!


  3. Introvert. Which I guess goes a long way to explaining my preference for editing/subbing rather than out pounding the pavement.

    It really doesn’t help in an industry that’s all about people, though! Not to mention trying to make friends post-school.


    • I agree! I enjoy the challenge of writing, but I much prefer doing layout and editing. I’d rather not have to deal with people if I don’t have to.



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