Get Out of My Head!

On Sunday, I woke up with my ears feeling plugged. Thinking it was just my sinuses/allergies, I ignored it and figured it would go away as usual. That plugged feeling turned into ringing in my left ear. It hasn’t stopped.

Yesterday I went to the doctor because I’m a hypochondriac and he informed me that I have tinnitus. Apparently, it should go away on its own, but if it doesn’t, I could be looking at something more serious, like actual hearing loss. Not cool.

My Papa was deaf in one ear and all I remember is my Grandma telling me to not scream because it would “hurt Papa’s ears.” He had a hearing aid, but I understand now why it wasn’t good to scream. Whenever there’s a high-pitched noise, it makes the ringing louder. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s freaking ANNOYING. I just want to rip my ear off, Van Gogh-style, but without all the amazing artwork to use as an excuse.

I can’t imagine losing my hearing. Music and sound is everything to me. I wouldn’t be able to do my job if I lost my hearing. I really, really, REALLY hope this goes away soon!

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