The B Word

Kyle and I have been really antsy lately trying to save up enough money for a down payment for a house. We’re so close but because I’m not working full-time and Kyle’s work has been on/off. We actually had a really great conversation with his aunt and uncle about buying houses and such the other day and they always have great advice and information for us, more than our own parents.

After Kyle and I left their place, Kyle asked me in how many years I’d like to start having babies. BABIES. He’s been so apprehensive about having kids and to have him ask me really made my day. He asked me because of the fact that our first house would ideally  be the place where we start our family.

Anyway, I’m glad that Kyle has warmed up to the idea of having kids. He didn’t want to for the longest time, mostly because he was afraid of being like his father. Hearing him say the B word really made my day. And the fact that he didn’t sound nervous when I told him I’d like to start having kids in three years was even more assuring.

Did/do you have a “x-year plan” for kids? Did it follow through as planned? And are all guys apprehensive about having kids?

5 thoughts on “The B Word

  1. Stephen once informed me that we can start having babies by the time I turn 27. I laughed at home because he never talked that one through with me before! We regularly talk about our future kids and our future life. In fact, we’re (meaning mostly me) already deciding on our kids names. I’m surprised that I haven’t scared Stephen away yet.
    I’m so glad that Kyle warmed up to the idea of babies, and that he brought it up with you! Now you know he’s a keeper ;)


  2. Yikes!! Haha, I don’t want to start having kids until my late 20’s – anywhere between 27-32 would be the ideal ages for me to have kids. I don’t want to start popping out babies right after we get married, I want to enjoy being a young married couple for a few years first! Heck, marriage isn’t even on the horizon for at least 3-4 years for us!


  3. Haha. T actually wants to have kids sooner than I do. But you know, he’s not working, and we still have to get married and buy a house first. Again, he wants to get engaged like RIGHT NOW and maybe have a wedding in a few years…but again, he’s not working and I ain’t gonna buy my own ring!


  4. Our plan was to have kids 2 years into our marriage and Topher came along 3 months before our 2nd anniversary. I wasn’t sure I wanted kids at all and Nathan’s always wanted a house full of them so he definitely wasn’t apprehensive! (I was!!!) He loves being a dad :)


  5. It’s the opposite with me. I always pictured kids and he didn’t ever want any. I did get him around to the idea of having kids, we say stuff like “when we have kids…we wont do this or that” Now I’m like nope, dont want em.



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