Who am I?

I’m currently sitting here watching Glee, and it’s made me wonder who I was in high school. I think it’s safe to say that I fell into almost every clique throughout the years.

When I was in Grade 8, I was a part of the “popular” group, or at least as far as Grade 8’ers go. That was, until Grade 9 when I had a falling out with my life-long friend. She made new friends and I found a new one, along with my (kinda-loser) boyfriend. I wound up grounded on more than a few occasions for seeing my loser-boyfriend behind my mom’s back.

Then, at one point in Grade 9 I got a new loser-boyfriend. He got expelled/suspended from school and eventually broke up with me. Then it was back to the original loser boyfriend, at which point I got a new best friend and gained some popularity again. Then, almost out of nowhere, I decided that it would be a good idea to start being “cool” and skipping school and doing drugs. Okay, it was “only” pot, but apparently even my loser pothead boyfriend thought I shouldn’t skip so much school.

Eventually, my mom caught onto my ways and I got in soooo much trouble. And, eventually, I snapped out of it. Did I really have to do drugs to fit in? Not so much. I became great friends with a couple guys, and I kind of became (more) of a “jock.” I spent the mornings before classes started in the gym playing basketball (or just throwing the ball at the hoop like the girl I am), and I dabbled in the run club as well as soccer (which I never quit to begin with).

When I started dating Kyle in Grade 11, I slowly started to figure out who I was. I learned that you don’t have to put on an act for people to like you. If they don’t like you because you don’t smoke, do drugs, or party every weekend, so what? Kyle liked me just the way I am, even though I was unsure of who I was. He didn’t force me into being someone I wasn’t and he was patient while I figured it out.

I don’t know who I was in high school, but I do know right now that I try to just be myself. I’m a mixed bag of craziness, and really, I don’t fall into one category. I love the UFC but i can’t wait for the next Sex and the City movie to come out. I go to the gym but I eat like it’s the last meal of my life. I love a good gong-show of a party but love quiet nights at home.

I guess I’ll just keep not knowing where I fall in life, but at least I’m happy with whatever I am.

What group did you fall into in high school? Jock? Geek? Popular? Not? What about now?

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I have no idea. I went through so many different phases… I’d probably go with “outsider who got along with everyone”?

    Now I’m a bonafide dork, and proud of it. :-)


  2. I didn’t fit into any particular group – I had two “best friends” but hung out with everyone – jocks, popular kids, nerds, whatever. I went to a tiny school (300 kids grade 6 to 12) to everyone was pretty much friends with everyone! I think I’m the same way now. I try to be friendly to everyone, but I don’t have a lot of super close friends.


  3. I was totally a geek. Hey, I still am – it’s just not such a big deal anymore.

    I was also a bit of a music nerd for awhile (played violin). Then I picked up guitar and increased my cool slightly, as well as getting a boyfriend.

    Lame as that sounds, that actually helped me get some self confidence.



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