Drumroll please …

So, I know I was Amber’s Feature Career on Monday, but … I got a new job! And – I start on Monday next week!

It all really has to do with this post (let me know if you want the password). Originally, the position I had applied for was for a layout person in the advertising department. While the interview went well, I never heard back from them when they said they’d contact me. So, after a few “WTF?” emails and a phone call, I finally got some answers. Apparently the position when to a person already in the company (it’s union), but since she still wants to work her original job 1/2 time, a position opened up and they offered it to me as long as no one inside posted for it.

No one did, so now I’ll be hanging out by the phone in the classified ad department part-time! Yeah, it’s not quite what I wanted to do, but it’s a foot in the door! Plus, they asked me if I’d like to do freelance work for their special sections and inserts. Yes!

It took a lot of thinking, really, and I had a mini-mental breakdown when I received the official positioning. I was really concerned that I wasn’t doing the right thing, and that my boss at the Echo would not be so thrilled that I was leaving with such short notice (Slightly less than 2 weeks – more like 12 days). But, after thinking hard about it, I knew it would get me ahead to where I really want to be, even if it meant making a few sacrifices.

So yeah, it’s part time, but there’s so much more potential for me there. And my boss at the Echo? She seems happy for me AND she’s already found a replacement for me, which was my biggest worry. I train the new girl tomorrow and Friday.

There’s my news folks! Wish me luck! I think my biggest challenge will be finding pants to wear to work that aren’t jeans :P

6 thoughts on “Drumroll please …

  1. Congratulations Kara.
    I wish you very happiness and success in your new job.
    As they say ‘from little things come big things.’

    Best wishes


  2. that’s great! I’m a new reader but work in the industry, and love reading about other bloggers in the field? May I please have the password to the other post? eemusings(at)gmail.com :)



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