I’m not lame, I’m growing up!

I’m also over at Amber’s blog today as the Feature Career of the month! Be sure to go check her out – she’s an amazing blogger!


You know you’re a grown up when the highlight of your weekend was buying cookware!

Kyle and I have been slowing accumulating bits and pieces of things we’ll need once we find a place of our own. Currently we’re renting his mom’s house and a lot of her stuff is still here and we’ve been using it. Earlier last week we decided it would be a good idea to start buying pots, pans, silverware, etc., while we have a little extra cash, because once we buy a place, we’ll have to budget ourselves.

There was a fabulous sale on a set of Cuisinart pots and pans at Canadian Tire (One of the best stores on Earth, IMHO) so we scooped one up!

I must say, it may sound lame, but I’m pretty excited for them! I’ve already used the 10″ skillet and they’re wonderful :) My rice didn’t even stick to the pan, which is a bonus because I suck at cooking. I feel like Julia Child! Okay, not really, but seriously! I wanna cook my heart out!

That stock pot is just tempting me to make delicious soup. Yes …

8 thoughts on “I’m not lame, I’m growing up!

  1. Oooh, pretty :) We got pots and pans from my in-laws for our first wedding anniversary ~ we were using old, disgusting, scratched ones for the longest time because we were too cheap to spend that much money on anything, lol. Our condo still looks like a couple of impoverished university students live there … but at least now we have nice cookware!


  2. Ooh, pots & pans are fun to shop for, I’ll admit. I’m just a wannabe grown-up but I can definitely feel you on new cookware! And what you got is so pretty…I’m a little jealous. :)


  3. I found you through Roots and Rings and must say I adore your blog! You are precious!

    Congrats on the new cookware – a nice set of cookware is imperative for any cook..beginner to professional! I’m a huge cook… LOVE IT! It’s like therapy for me…

    Any way – happy Tuesday :)



    • That’s too funny! But, I guess I’d dream about it too if I left for a month before getting to use it! A crockpot will definitely be an investment for me in the future.



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