The “P” Word

Yesterday I had a lovely follow-up appointment regarding this post. Turns out, after peeing in another f-ing cup, I have an infection of some sort. (And, for the record, if I’m ever asked to pee in a cup ever again I may stab someone). Cue antibiotics!

Anyway, after my bloodwork came back clear the doctor poked at me some more and then said,

“Okay, well, I’ll have you do another urine sample and we’ll check (some weird medical term) and for pregnancy just to rule it out.”

Me, in my head, “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY????” That P word scared the crap out of me. The “just to rule it out” part went in one ear and out the other. Yeah, I know I’m not pregnant, but holy mother-trucker, hearing the Doc wanting to do a preggo test was not on my menu for today.

Yeah, that one was negative and I have some weird infection which resulted in the doctor wanting me to go to the special lab to pee in another cup, but man …. never have I been so nervous peeing.

It’s not that I don’t want kids, because I eventually do. Note “eventually”. Sure, I could probably survive financially right now if I did get knocked up, but it’s really not me and Kyle’s life plan. Other than already living together, our plan is rather traditional. House, marriage, babies. The end.

So yeah, having a medical professional suggest that is terrifying. Maybe I’ll practice abstinence until I’m ready just to prevent all that. I bet that would go over well!

Ever have a moment of panic when you knew nothing was wrong to begin with?

5 thoughts on “The “P” Word

  1. I had a similar situation when I was in high school ~ I had some kind of infection but the doctor thought maybe I was pregnant. Since I had never had sex at that point, I knew it was impossible and the test was a complete waste of time but he was adamant that it was a possibilty. Stupid doctor. Of course, my mom was there with me when he said he wanted to do the test, which led to even more awkwardness …. Stupid doctors. I’m glad you know what’s wrong though!


    • That’s funny because my mom offered to come with me to my appointment and she would’ve freaked out hearing “pregnancy test.” Now she’s all, “You knooooow, antibiotics make birth control pills not work, right?” Yeah mom, I know … :P


    • Yeah, it’s scary how it just kinda cancels it out! I knew, but Kyle made sure to remind me, lol. That and the two pages of literature on the antibotics. Yeesh.



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