Bullet Wednesday

While I know that I don’t have to write a post when I have nothing, I feel obligated to. So, taking the baton from Amber’s post yesterday, I present to you the random thoughts of a bored person:

– I still haven’t heard from the person in regards to this post. I’m getting worried, but plan on emailing him today. I’m preparing myself for the worst, because it shouldn’t take this long to get back to someone, especially if it went well!

– I signed up for the 20SB Blog Swap! You should too! I’m kinda looking forward to it :)

– Kyle and I were really hoping to get a decent tax return so we could buy a new mattress set, but no such luck. He had to pay a buttload because of EI and I suck so I didn’t get that much. After all is said and done, we’ll be getting about $200. Oy. At least we’ll be able to put it into our house fund. The old mattress will have to do for now.

– To elaborate more on the mattress, when Kyle first moved to Kamloops he had a twin bed. We’re both bed hogs (me more than him!) and after one night, it just wasn’t going to work, so he found a discount place and got a queen-size set for $350. That bed has seen better days by now! I did some browsing at a mattress store and the sales guy made me try the Bowling Ball Mattress. Womp womp! Now I REALLY want a new bed, but we just can’t afford one at the moment.

– I get to see my grandparents today! They were snowbirding all winter and they’ll be in town tomorrow to catch up on Dr. appointments and such, so I’m meeting them for lunch :) I’m so excited!

– I have bought about eight Tim Hortons coffees and have yet to win anything for the Roll up the Rim contest. Boo-urns. That being said, the mocha I just downed is making me feel sick.

– Actually, I’ve been feeling sick a lot lately.

– I’ve yet to contribute to the In It to Gym It site. I’ll get there, I just need to think of something brilliant to post about!

– My birthday is in a month and I’m pretty excited about it! Party my pants off? I think so!!

And now for a random picture of Tanner (my mom’s Lab) and Daphne from 2007, because they’re my favourites:

Happy Hump-Day!

7 thoughts on “Bullet Wednesday

  1. I NEVER win at Tim Horton’s. Ever. I used to buy 2 a day (different sizes) when I was in university and still nothing. I think it’s a conspiracy …


  2. When I go on a road trip with my Dad (like we did this week), we always make a few stops at Tim Horton’s. Stephen has bought 4 hot chocolates and hasn’t won a thing. My dad has bought 3 coffees, and won a free one. I bought a cafe mocha and didn’t win anything. I found the cafe mocha to be gross, so I switched to iced caps for the rest of the trip.



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