This is me in March …

This month….

I like: that I’ve learned how to say “No” to my other job when I’m feeling exhausted.

I don’t like: that my grandparents are still Snowbirding.

I want you to know: I’m beyond excited for me and Kyle’s trip to Vancouver on the 20th.

I’ve planned: A trip to Vancouver, a night out with GSP and hopefully a visit with the grandparents when they return.

I want to say to someone special: I miss our coffee dates and chats. Could you please just text me back for once?

2 thoughts on “This is me in March …

  1. Stephen and I were in Vancouver around the 20th of March last year! We called it our One Year Anniversary trip…even though it just turned out that was the only time we could actually go away.
    Hopefully you’ll get to see lots of cherry blossoms!



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