Week(end) update

So I messed up the dates when scheduling my blog posts, so I’m sure that some of you have already read MOST of this one. But there’s more! Read on, dear bloggers, read on ...

Yeah, so I lacked slightly on my weekend update on Sunday. I didn’t work the entire weekend obviously, but it felt like it!

Anyway, Friday I discovered that one of my best friends (we’ll call her “Reba”) was coming down south for a few days because her fiancée wanted to look for a “new-to-him” truck. Plus and her mom lives about two hours away from Kamloops so Reba wanted to see her before her baby came! (BTW – It seems like there’s a lot of baby talk going around the blogosphere!) She’s due in about four weeks too, so it was amazing to see her belly. The baby was sleeping or something, so I didn’t get to feel it kick, but it put a smile on my face just knowing that there’s a little person inside her. (Or the Alien, as we like to refer to it as!) She’s the person I plan on going to Fort Saint John to visit in the spring. :)

All my other friends are the same height as me, so I look so short next to her!

My only thoughts on Valentine’s Day was that it was uneventful, and I’m okay with it! Kyle gave me my present early – a trip to the spa! I went yesterday and it was absolutely amazing! When I got there I had a little cup of ginseng honey tea and was whisked away to the “Fire” room, which basically had warm, reddish tones. I got a lavender steam, a body scrub and an amazing massage. Lovely!  Afterwards I got to have some yummy fruit tea, cookies and rice crackers. It was the perfect gift and one of the most thoughtful Kyle has got me! I’d love to go back!

My delicious fruit tea, with a green tea cookie and rice cracker snacks!

Monday I had a Chinese New Year’s feast with my dad, brother and Kyle. It was delicious! Usually I’m hungry about a half-hour after I eat Asian food (because of all the starch) but I was full for almost the entire night! My fortune cookie fortune was pretty awesome too:

I like to think I am, so this fortune was pretty awesome. And no, I didn’t add “in bed” to the end. ;)

Happy Thursday!

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