For the man who has everything

And I mean EVERYTHING. Or at least everything within my price range.

See, Kyle’s birthday is at the end of the month and I have absolutely no idea what to get him. He has everything, I swear. Tools, video games, clothes and more, so I have no idea what to get him for his birthday. I’ve even asked him what he’d like and he doesn’t even know.

What I know is this: We’re going out for dinner on the actual day of his birthday (to our favourite Greek restaurant) and we may have a few friends over a couple days beforehand for drinks and games. (His birthday is on a Sunday so it’s not a good “party” day)

He also will be finished school at the same time (like, FOREVER finished school, which is a HUGE deal) so it makes this birthday extra special.

So, while I want to do something super awesome for him, I have freaking no clue what to do. Short of buying sexy underthings, I don’t know. Maybe a book? Ugh. Boys are HARD to buy for!

Any ideas??? I have no freaking clue and time is running out!

5 thoughts on “For the man who has everything

  1. Not sure what your budget is but here’s a few things I’ve done in the past:

    Bigger budget – rent a hotel room for the night. This is one of mine and Eric’s FAVOURITE ways to celebrate things. We will usually rent a hotel room and then just hang out in it! Get PPV movies, order room services, have a wonderful sleep in a GIANT hotel bed and then not have to clean up after ourselves in the morning. Blissful. It usually costs around $200 for everything though.

    Smaller budget – treat him to a movie or dinner (but you might have been planning to do that already) or cook him his favourite dinner (bonus points if it’s a surprise)!

    I also LOVE giving (and receiving) gift certificates. Really, could you ever go wrong with a gift certificate to a tool/welding shop? I’m sure he’d be able to find SOMETHING to spend it on!

    Good luck!


    • My budget is kind of in the middle. I had planned on baking cake and making dinner for him, but as far as a gift, I don’t know what to get. I’ll keep the tool store gift certificate in mind though. He’s always replacing tools and whatnot.

      Thanks for the suggestions!



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