Weekend Recap

I must say, I didn’t have a super busy and adventure-filled weekend, but it was decent!

I nearly died at my Rep Reebok class at the gym Friday after work. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been feeling well lately, so that may be why. I hope I start feeling better soon.

I’ve recently discovered the joy of theatre, specifically the local theatre company, Western Canada Theatre. As one of my work “perks” (at the newspaper, not the grocery store!) I get theatre tickets from my boss. Since we’re sponsors, we get two tickets for every production. The first show I went to was My Fair Lady, and it was fabulous! Singing, dancing – it was lovely :)

On Saturday I took my mom to the opening night of The Foursome. It was hilarious! We went out for dinner before the show and then headed to the theatre. (By the way Bruchetta pizza at Boston Pizza is delicious!) We got out just after 10pm so it made for a fairly early night.

Sunday I worked from noon to 6pm and therefore the day was pretty much a write-off. I got up, ate and went to work. My sinuses have been kicking my ass, so I need to figure out how to make ’em stop. I’m thinking a chiropractor appointment might help, so we’ll see.

Oh yeah! I also picked up the ingredients to make yam fries (as posted on Kyla Roma’s lovely blog) as well as a yummy-looking roasted garlic soup I found here. I’ll probably give them both a try Wednesday, barring I don’t have to work, so expect a “results” post in the future!

How was your weekend?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. My weekend was FULL. We celebrated my husband’s birthday on Saturday with a trip to the Telus World of Science and a dinner date and Sunday was spent working on Baby’s room :) I used to love going to the theatre too, when I lived in NB ~ I haven’t gone at ALL in the 5 years since I moved to Alberta though.


    • Telus World of Science as in Science World in Vancouver? I freakin’ loved that place as a kid. I miss it! Makes me want to be young again to enjoy playing with the stuff without looking ridiculous. :P


  2. My weekend was super exciting. It consisted of work, napping with the cats and eating food. I actually have no idea where my weekend went. (“Didn’t I do layout a couple days ago?!”)


    • I installed a local Apache server to make PHP work, fiddled with webpage comment forms, built the frame of a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit and fed my new addiction to Prince of Persia. My weekend was uber-nerdy. This blog still lacks explosions.



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