Congrats and all but …

… if I have to read about someone’s wedding plans one more time, I may punch them in the face.

Why do people think that everyone else wants to know every single aspect of their wedding planning journey? I don’t care if your invitations are white with pink roses, that you’re having a hard time deciding between the country club or the destination wedding or that you know who’s on your guest list. And please stop announcing how great your fiancé is, because I don’t care.

Maybe I’m a little bitter. I don’t know. I know Kyle and I will get married when the time is right. I know in my mind who’s coming to my wedding, what kind of flowers I’d like to have, who’s going to be in my bridal party and that the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with is amazing.

Really, I think all those little details are just best kept within your close friends. The 200+ people you’re “Friends” with on Facebook probably don’t care all that much and out of the 5 per cent of the people who do care, 90 per cent of them probably aren’t invited.

Okay, I’m done bitching now. If I ever irritate you with wedding details when the time comes, please tell me and I’ll shut up. Hell, Superman punch me in the face if I talk too much.

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