Spring Break Recap

We’re back to our regular routine of school and extracurriculars after a wonderful week off! I tried to keep a happy balance of relaxing and activities, and I think I was fairly successful as Isla is a little reluctant to go back to school today, lol.

Here’s a quick recap of what we got up to during the break!


The Chapters bookstore was hosting free crafting events all Spring Break, so the girls and I met up with some friends for some art time. They made keychains out of felt and had fun browsing the bookstore until meltdowns started happening because they couldn’t buy things. *eye roll* We got out of there and all came back up to our place for lunch and playtime before our friends had to leave.


We spent more of the morning indoors as I was trying to get a bunch of homework done. (NOT easy with two kids lurking about, but I managed.) It was extremely hard to resist the beautiful weather outside, so after lunch we took Sam for a walk to the playground.


The morning and afternoon were filled with more homework for moi (ugh), but we did have a lovely lunch with a family member at Lemongrass. If you’re looking for some seriously delicious phở on the South Shore, I highly recommend Lemongrass! I had the chicken phở and salad rolls, Isla had the gyoza, Norah had the spring rolls, and our uncle had the Wor Wonton soup. None of it disappointed!


More homework for me (surprise surprise), but I managed to get it all done so my mom and I could take the girls to a movie in the afternoon! We went and saw Wonder Park, and while the kids loved it, I thought it was just okay. Definitely didn’t live up to what the trailer made it out to be, but I did find myself chuckling a couple of times.



We didn’t get up to a whole lot, but since it was yet another beautiful day we took advantage and spent most of our time on the back deck just absorbing the sunlight! We did do a big shop at Costco in the morning, and then in the afternoon Kyle’s dad came in for the night. We also took the girls to the Bulk Barn for a treat as Isla had an awesome report card (insert humble brag here), so that was pretty exciting too!

That’s about all we really got up to, and I’m glad we were able to enjoy the sunshine because this week the forecast is calling for quite a few clouds and rain. I suppose I’ll take that over snow though! Like I said, this week we’re back to our regular routine and then this weekend I have a trail race on Sunday. I’m mentally preparing myself for a lot of mud, but fingers crossed it’s not too bad! Also, ticks … they give me the heebie jeebies and I’m really hoping one doesn’t decide to hitch a ride on me during the race.