Moments of Motherhood: The Terrible 2’s are a real thing

In this week’s Moments of Motherhood column over at The Armchair Mayor News, I discuss how the Terrible 2’s are not some made up life stage to put the fear of God in new parents, but an actual real thing that is a roller coaster of emotions, both for yourself and your toddler.

Here’s a snippet:

Children are amazing little beings. When they first arrive in this world they are completely innocent, dependent on you to nurture them in every way possible. It’s hard not to help but just love the infant stage of their life.

In the case of my own daughter, I found myself 100% love struck the moment she was born. Not long after my husband and I brought her home, I knew I just couldn’t wait for her to hit all of her milestones – rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, talking, and so on.

 Now that those milestones have more or less come and gone, we’ve entered a new stage of excitement: Toddlerhood, also fondly known to many as the Terrible 2’s. It is this stage where I have taken back many of my adoring thoughts and have considered enrolling her in boarding school as soon as possible… [continue reading]