Monday Morning Coffee

Good morning and Happy Monday, everyone! Our household is back to the usual “grind” after a lovely Christmas break, and since I’ve made myself a little scarce on the internet over the past week, I thought I’d give you a life update, coffee date-style!

So, if we were having coffee this morning, I’d be telling you all about …

… our Christmas! We had a busy few days as we celebrated with our families. Christmas Eve we were at my Mom’s place for dinner as my brother was home for the holidays, and then on Christmas Day the girls and I went to my dad’s Christmas morning for breakfast, and we hosted Kyle’s family for dinner. It was a great Christmas and by the time Boxing Day rolled around we were exhausted. We pretty much sat around and did absolutely nothing all day, and it was wonderful!

… how Norah now has two teeth! The first one broke through New Year’s Day and the second one came up the following day! I’m so glad that they’ve finally shown up because she was out of sorts for quite a while.

… how I want to kick myself in the ovaries. I was exchanging a couple of things Norah got for Christmas because they were too small and I saw a really cute/hilarious onesie for a boy and for a moment I instantly wanted another baby, specifically a boy just so I could buy it. Obviously having another baby doesn’t guarantee us a boychild, and I’m soooo not ready to make the decision to have another. I told Kyle this and he just laughed.

… our low-key New Year’s Eve. We had no plans for anything exciting; we played some boardgames with Isla and after she went to bed we watched TV until Norah went to bed and played some Battleship until about 11 pm before going to bed. Norah, however, must’ve sensed the final countdown because she woke up just a few minutes before midnight, so I in turn got to ring in the new year with her.

… my goals for 2016. I really don’t like to make resolutions, but I do sometimes make a list of things I’d like to accomplish during the year. This year I hope to get back out on the ball field and play slo-pitch again, make a trip to Vancouver, and hit up a lake, any lake, I just want more lake days!

… the book I just finished reading! It’s been ages since I’ve read a new book and I was lucky enough to receive a new e-reader and a couple of Chapter’s gift cards for Christmas, so I took full advantage and downloaded Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I read it in a week and loved every page. I’ll be writing a review and posting it later this week.

… I’m anxious about turning 30. I’ve never got worked up about a birthday in the past but for some reason the thought of turning 30 this year has really got me in a tizzy. I know age is just a number and all that crap, but this year I really want to celebrate being an old fart. Kyle has suggested going to Las Vegas to celebrate both of our birthdays at the end of March (he’ll be 30 at the end of February), but I don’t think Norah will be ready to be left alone for an extended period of time.

That’s about it, I think! What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Monday Morning Coffee

Nothing is more honest than a Monday-morning selfie, right?

Nothing is more honest than a Monday-morning selfie, right?

I feel as though I haven’t been up to terribly much, but if we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that …

… after two years of working at it, Kyle and I finally finished the landscaping in our backyard. You see, when we moving into this house, there was a flower bed in the backyard along the house. Except whoever lived here before us didn’t know how to garden because it was a mess. We decided just to dig everything up, cap off the watering system, and then put rock down. So, our first spring here we got one big section done, then our 2nd spring here we kind of ignored everything and only did one load of rock, and then finally in the past month this year, we Kyle got the last section done! If we were smart, we should have had a dump truck just dump a huge load of rocks into our driveway for us, but we weren’t and it took about 6 or 7 trips back and forth to the landscaping place with our truck. Oh well. It’s done and over with!

… I’m really looking forward to going down to Burnaby/Vancouver in a couple weeks! It will be a bit of a sombre trip as we’re taking a day-trip with my Grandpa to Sechelt to spread my great-grandma’s ashes, and possibly my grandma’s as well, but it bring a bit of closure I think. My mom and I also have big plans for Ikea(!) and we’re also going to brave the Skytrain and go see my brother in Vancouver.

… Since it’s been staying light outside for longer in the evening, it’s been hard to get Isla to actually go to sleep at bedtime. She really needs some kind of black-out curtain, but since she’s eventually going to be moved into a “big girl” room and I plan on repainting both of the bedrooms, I’ve been holding off on purchasing them. For now, I’ve used push-pins to hold the scraps of the black-out curtains from my bedrooms over her window. It’s not pretty, but it will do!

… On Sunday I played two back-to-back slo-pitch games and my legs are now KILLING me. I was subbing in for my old team and had the greatest time! I really wish I could have committed to playing for the season because I sure miss playing.

… One of the teams that we played against last night had a few people from my hometown on it – Including an ex-boyfriend from high school, haha. I’ll just say that he hasn’t changed at all, and I’m sure he’s probably just as skeezy as I now realize he was back then. He was really one of those, “What the heck was I thinking?” boyfriends, now that I think about it. Ah, teenage relationships.

… There was a big run here in Kamloops yesterday and I’ve always wanted to join and do the 5K. I was looking at the route map and I realized that 5K isn’t that far, and I think I’m going to make it a goal to do the 5K run within the next 3 years. SOMEONE HOLD ME TO IT! I also really want to do the Color Run, and I think there’s one coming to Kelowna in September, so we’ll see!

… Nothing is more stressful than trying to have a second child. Since you’ve done it once before you know what the early signs of pregnancy feel like and you start freaking out at every sore boob, cramp, and wave of barfyness. Just saying. Surely someone out there can relate, because the majority of my IRL friends don’t have kids, or just aren’t trying for baby #2 yet.

… Kyle and I are planning a wedding celebration for his mom and (now) step-dad for this weekend! They eloped and got married about a month ago while they were in Hawaii, and this weekend is when everybody’s work schedules align and we can formally celebrate! Kyle and I are catering and his aunt & uncle are hosting at their house. It should be a really fun time :)

My mug is now empty, so: What would you tell me if we were having coffee?