Olive Branches

About little less than a month ago, I found out on Facebook that an old friend of mine was expecting her first child. See, we were BFF’s a few years ago – the kind of friends that Christina Yang and Meredith Grey are on Grey’s Anatomy. But, a couple years ago we kind of drifted apart. She was dating a guy who I thought wasn’t good for her, she didn’t agree, and we slowly stopped talking altogether. About a year or so ago she moved to Edmonton, and we’ve just been silently keeping tabs on each other via Facebook.

On a whim and not really expecting much to come of it, I decided to send her a message on Facebook congratulating her on the arrival of her baby boy. I told her how I was glad to see that she was doing well and how even though I knew we had grown apart that maybe one day we’d get together again. That was my olive branch. I didn’t really expect much of a response other than a, “Thanks,” and left it at that.

Low and behold, I got a message back a couple days later saying “Thanks,” and that she was actually coming to Kamloops for the weekend since her sister was getting married. She agreed that she missed me and now that we have a common denominator in being moms, we could maybe reconnect. She still had my number since it hasn’t changed, and she said she’d text me to meet for coffee during her stay.

When we met for coffee on Monday, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. Would be carry on as if nothing had happened? Would there be awkward silences? Would the past be mentioned and would things just fall apart again? Well, it was almost as if nothing had happened. We carried on in conversation as openly and as freely as we used to – graphic details, funny pokes, laughter and coffee. I met her new beau – who seems like a wonderful guy for her – as well as her little boy (adorable) and her two pups. It was really great to get back together with her.

We both agreed that we were going to try and stay more connected this time around. We really missed each other’s company. We ended our brief coffee date with hugs and warm wishes, her going back north and me heading home to my family.

I’m glad I held out that olive branch a little bit longer. There were many times where I thought I should give stop trying, but at least this one time, it worked out.