Stick it with Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure (+ a Giveaway!)

I like having nice nails, but I struggle with painting them on a regular basis and I’m too cheap to cough up the dough to pay to have them professionally done. The result? I either have no polish, or I’m left with one hand having perfect polish and the other looking not so hot. OR I mangle the polish within 30 minutes because it takes so long to dry.

So, enter imPress Press-on Manicures by Broadway Nails. I must admit, I’m not 100% sold on stick-on nails, whether they’re store bought on professionally done. I’m not sure why, but it could have something to do with finding them on the floor of pool changerooms and nearly stepping on them … I digress.

I got my Influenster VoxBox in the mail yesterday and was excited to open it up to see what colour or design I’d received. Low and behold, I got not one, but two different “bottles” of nails to try out! One was “Over the Moon,” a funky, swirly design, and the other was “Stiletto,” a pretty reddish-burgundy shade.

I decided that I’d give Over the Moon a try. After reading the instructions, I figured it wouldn’t take me long to get them on. All I had to do was clean my nails with the enclosed towelette, figure out what sizes I needed (there’s 12 sizes and 24 nail covers, which is great because my nails are weird, wonky sizes), peel off the sticker and press them on. Pretty easy, if you ask me!

The result? Pretty looking nails … from afar. Here’s where I get a little critical.

I really liked how smooth and glossy the actual nail cover was, but up close, you could kind of tell that they were not and I think that had to do with they way I applied them. I definitely should have trimmed my actual nail to below the end of my fingers so that you couldn’t see the real nail. I also probably done a bit better job of tidying up my cuticles before applying as well. Personally, I wasn’t crazy about the shade – I lean more towards nudes and “fun” colours rather than reds – but that’s what’s great about the imPress nails – you can take them right off with ease, but they definitely could last up to a week like the box says. If I were to see them at the store, I may just have to pick them up in a different colour!

You can find the imPress Press-on Manicures at a bunch of different stores – Walmart, Target, London Drugs, and more, and they’re pretty inexpensive – about $9 for the colours and $11 for the designs. (Considering a bottle of good polish can cost $9 and you may only use it once, that’s not bad!)

Just for my awesome readers, I’m going to give away the other tester shade I received so you can try it out for yourself! The shade is “Stiletto” and would look great on a night out on the town! To enter, just comment below and tell me,

How often do you get your nails done, or do you DIY?

You can gain extra entries by: 

1. Following me on Twitter. (Leave a comment that you are and with your Twitter handle).

2. Tweet about the giveaway. (Leave a comment with the link to your tweet) You can even just copy & paste the following:

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3. Following me on Bloglovin. (Leave a comment when you do and leave your username!)

I’ll pick one lucky winner by Noon, Pacific TimeMay 30, 2014, so you have one whole week to enter!

Win me!

Win me!

Good luck!!

voxbox-blogimage-popup2Disclosure: I received the Influenster imPress Manicure Canada Vox Box for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I was not compensated financially for this post. The giveaway is my own idea and was not mandatory by Influenster or imPress Manicure.