WTF Friday 1.0

I opted out of Friday Food for this week to bring you WTF Friday. I’ve noticed something this week at the gym that has just made me go “WTF??” and really, I have no excited foody adventures. Unless you count my orange attacking me today, I got nothing.

SO …

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I don’t particularly like to give shout-outs to specific places of business, but I was at the gym that has a catchy little song and dance about it, and I noticed that there are generally two types of people who go to the gym. There’s the people who want to work out and actually get in shape and the people who go just because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

The “cool” people, I’ve noticed, are constantly texting, are always there with one or two friends and are always fixing their hair. They never break a sweat and walk slower than my Grandma (who actually doesn’t walk slow at all).

This Tuesday, for example, I’m clinging onto dear life as I sweat it out on the elliptical machine and this young girl (she must’ve been about 15) hops on the machine beside me. She maybe used it for 10 minutes before getting off and leaving. I watched her leave and her ass crack was nearly showing. WTF? This a a gym, with sweaty old men with hairy backs, not a high school basketball game filled wall to wall with acne-ridden boys and bad Bieber-like hair. *barf*

I’m a person who goes to the gym to get good and sweaty and feel great anyway. I’m all for the people who genuinely want to get in shape, not search for their next Friday night date. I could care less about how red my face is or how much sweat is all over me. I’m not a “pretty” gym-goer, to say the least, but I love it.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel that I need to look drop-dead gorgeous while I’m working out. I wear what’s comfy, I wear what works, and I don’t mind getting my sweat on.

So, if/when you go to the gym or are working out, are you more concerned about how you look or how you feel? Be honest now …