What I'm Reading

Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

At the start, I really enjoyed Such a Fun Age. The situation in the grocery store was infuriating in every possible way and I was honestly cheering for Emira as she told her security guard where to go an how to get there.

Beware, for spoilers may live below …

Separately, Alix and Kelley were fine. Sure, Kelley seemed a bit pushy when it came to making the video of Emira’s incident public, but aside from that and his hyper-antiracism, his character was fine. And Alix was pretty damn spazzy when it came to righting the wrongs that Emira went through at the store. (Having a glass of wine with your sitter/nanny is a no-go, in my books, regardless of how “close” you may seem to be.)

However, as soon as Alix and Kelley’s lives collided (again) the pathetic “He said, she said” came out and the book became a lot less enjoyable. Alix’s true selfishness and sense of entitlement came through, as did Kelley’s pathetic teenaged boy attitude. While the manner in which Emira split from both parties was pretty unbelievable, I don’t blame her and I was glad she found her own way in the end. Emira was hands-down my favourite and I felt for her in every way.

Emira was definitely a “late bloomer” in the coming-of-age story, but it overall was entertaining once you looked past the petty attitudes of Alix and Kelley.

My rating: ★★★★/5 stars

What I’m Reading

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

I quite enjoyed this one by Jojo Moyes, and it was the perfect rebound after the last few duds that I’ve read!

Jess is a single mom to two kids who are very much unique. Ed is a tech-guru who isn’t exactly brilliant at reading between the lines. Norman is, well, Norman!

While romance is/was expected, One Plus One tells more of a tale of sticking by family no matter what. Jess is a fierce advocate for her kids and puts them first no matter what obstacles are in the way, and Ed, while slightly disconnected from his own, pulls himself together when he needs to and does the right thing.

One Plus One is an easy read that you don’t have to take too seriously. It was a little slow to start, but overall it was put together just fine. My main question is – how the heck does one lose track of $5K and not even realize it? Certainly Ed isn’t that well off, is he? I at least didn’t get that impression.

I also really thought Norman could’ve played a bigger role than he does near the end. I get that he was supposed to provide a bit of a comedic relief, but there just wasn’t enough there. Blame it on my inner dog-lover, I suppose.

My rating: ★★★/5 stars

What I’m Reading

A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell

Look, I’m a firm believer of reading books before watching their cinematic counterparts, but something tells me that I should’ve skipped this read by Darcey Bell and went right for something that was more visually appealing, in the forms of Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively.

To say A Simple Favour was a bit of a dumpster fire is nearly an understatement. Not a single character was likeable; Stephanie was dumber than a bag of hammers, Emily is manipulative beyond comprehension, and Sean … well I couldn’t remember his name until I Googled it.

I wanted to hurl every time Stephanie mentioned her blog. (I’m well aware of the irony.) And I hope Emily will be able to afford the best therapist she can for Nicky in the future.

A Simple Favour is simply full of so many “What the F–?” moments that I don’t even know if I want to watch the movie anymore. I hope Kendrick and Lively were forced by some production company contract to make it, because I can’t imagine either of them voluntarily signing up for these rolls.

My rating: ★/5 stars