Bedroom Makeover

When we bought our house back in 2011, we knew that we’d eventually have to do some painting. Isla’s room was the worst, followed by the spare bedroom, and then our laundry room (wallpaper nightmare). But our whole house, with the exception of Isla’s room, is the same beigey-brown throughout. Okay, so it was built as a spec. house and the developers probably got a sweet deal on brown paint, and it’s a neutral colour to appeal to all potential buyers. BUT STILL. So much brown!

Kyle and I have been wanting to paint our master bedroom for a while now, but we’ve never had time to actually get it done. Since we’ve since found out that I’m pretty handy at painting, I finally decided we should go buy paint and I’ll make it a project to work on while Kyle’s at work. We knew we wanted to go green, but it took forever to choose a shade (I picked out swatches before Christmas). It was finally settled in a bet after Christmas between Kyle and I. (He won), and we went down to Home Depot and bought 2 cans of Behr paint in Spring Hill.  So, a couple weeks ago on a random Friday, Kyle and I got started, and this past Saturday, I got the room finished!

Here’s a before photo:

Before: Don't mind the sleeping dogs ;)

Don’t mind the sleeping dogs ;)

And here’s the after:


Taken almost at the same time of day as the before photo!

The green turned out to be a little “mintier” than we had hoped for, but we’re still loving the change from all the brown. There’s a few finishing touches I’d like to add, such as getting rid of that Ikea mirror and hanging a wooden framed one, hanging some kind of art above the bed and perhaps installing a floating shelf. And of course, actual furniture, which will happen whenever we decide to bite the bullet and  get new carpet.

Funny thing: The green on the ceiling is the same green as what’s on the walls, but because the brown on the ceiling was darker than what was on the walls, it looks darker. I guess that’s what happens when you don’t prime the space you want to paint first. I’ll definitely be buying the slightly more expensive “primer included” paint next time.

We still have to paint the closet and the ensuite, but still … SO happy that this project has been tackled :)

31 Weeks and the Painting is Done

After being primed for two months, the baby’s room is FINALLY done being painted!!

In case you missed the post a few weeks ago, my Grandpa came over to help Kyle and I paint the baby’s room. My mom and I had originally started the room back in February when we primed the walls for real paint. As a refresher of what it looked like before, here’s a photo:

That there is some scary shiz.

So, after three months, two coats of primer, and two coats of paint later, the baby’s room is finally done being painted!

(Pardon the painting supplies I’ve yet to clear out of the room)

I am SOOOO happy with the way it turned out! There’s a couple of spots that need to be touched up, but other than that, I am in love with my baby’s future room :)

I seriously can’t thank my Grandpa enough for helping Kyle and I paint the room. It seriously means the world to me that he wanted to help, because I know my Grandma would be so excited to see it all done. He was there the day before she passed away, the day after, and the day after her Celebration of Life to get the painting done. He is a dedicated man in every way, shape, and form. Seriously, my hero.

And now that the painting is all done, I finally feel a little better about the baby coming in just 9 weeks! (If she’s actually on time) I can’t wait to get the baby furniture in the room when it arrives in about a month. It’s finally starting to feel real.

So, now to the questions of the week:

How far along? 31 Weeks

How big is baby? She’s about 3.3lbs and approximately 16″ long, according to

Total weight gain/loss: I’m about 140lbs, so I’ve gained about 20/25lbs depending on the way you look at it. (I lost 5lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight during the first trimester)

Maternity Clothes? The weather is starting to warm up quite a bit so some “spring/summer” shopping is going to be needed soon. Pants are getting to be a little bit too warm. You’d think I’d be excited to shop, but I freakin’ HATE how much maternity clothing is.

Stretch marks? No actual stretch marks, although Kyle SWEARS he seen one the other day, but it’s gone now. I’m pretty sure it was a weird pant line or something. Sucker! I do, however, have a little bit of a vertical stretch mark from my belly button to my pelvis. (There’s a name for it, I just can’t remember what it’s called.) That one doesn’t bother me as much as actual stretch marks would.

Sleep: I wake up a lot in the middle of the night just sweating to death, it’s awful. I’m so glad I’m not going to be pregnant in the middle of the summer heat!

Movement: She’s been moving A LOT lately, and it seems to go on for quite a while. She really likes to move around when I’m driving (maybe it’s the music in my car?) and when I’m watching TV (especially if the show has gun fire or violence, lol).

Food cravings: Saturday night I went to the pub to watch the UFC event and normally I order nachos about 1/2 way through the night. I opted not to this time around and the table behind me ordered some … OMG THE SMELL! I’m totally kicking myself for not ordering any now. Who wants to bring me a plate of nachos?

What I miss: Being comfortable. It’s getting harder and harder to be in a comfortable position, be it while standing, sitting or whatever. And now I’ve started the “waddle” when I walk, mostly because my hips hurt so damn much some days. Oh well – only 9 weeks to go, and I’ll have a whole new can of things to miss!

What I am looking forward to: Baby’s furniture arriving, as well as the glider Kyle ordered for me. I’m also getting really antsy to shop for baby clothing. I’ve starting browsing stores online and using all my willpower to Pin my finds instead of buying them! You can check out all the cuteness on my Pinterest board here.

Milestones: Finishing the paint in the baby’s room, waiting on the baby furniture to arrive. Soon we will be trying to install the car seat base into my car! (This may or may not be a challenge!)


28 Weeks and Finally Painting

After two months of having Baby’s room all primed and ready for paint, we finally got started on actually painting her room!

On Sunday my grandpa came over to help me paint the baby’s room. Originally, my mom was going to help me do it, but when that we were going to paint to my grandpa, he mentioned that he LOVED painting and so my mom suggested that maybe I’d like his help. Of course I would! He’s got a lot going on right now, so it was a way for him to get a little break, even if it was only for a few hours.

We only got one coat done of the main colour done, which is a really pretty creamy yellow colour. We’ll do the final coat soon, and then we’ll just have to paint the accent colour (a light lavender) and we’ll be done! My goal is to have everything done by the end of this month – We need to start buying furniture!

You can read about/see what the room in my post here, but here’s what the progress looks like so far:



First Coat:

The photos definitely don’t do the colour ANY justice whatsoever, so I’m hoping once the second coat of paint goes on, along with the purple, it will pop a lot more!

Now, onto your regular programming!

How far along? 28 Weeks!

How big is baby? She’s about 14.8″ long from head to toe and weighs approximately 2.2lbs, according to

Total weight gain/loss: At my doctor’s appointment last Thursday, I came in just under 135lbs, so in total, including the 4lbs I lost during my first trimester, I’ve gained about 20lbs. My “normal” weight floats between 115-120lbs, so I’m okay with that!

Maternity Clothes? Kyle took me shopping Friday night and I picked up some more shirts – Yay! Now I can stop rotating the same five shirts during the week for work, lol. I plan on buying spring/summer clothes in a couple weeks.

Stretch marks? None!

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping a lot better lately even since I starting using a 2nd pillow for under my belly/between my legs. I can’t be bothered to buy a body pillow, so I just spoon with a regular one and it seems to help support my belly and help with my hip pain.

Movement: Still lots! Baby likes to press “out” near my belly button and it gets pretty uncomfortable, but if I lean over or just rub where she is, she usually moves along. It’s a fun little game we play, lol

Food cravings: Nothing in particular lately, actually.

What I miss: Being active. Slo-pitch starts in a couple weeks and I’m bummed that I won’t be able to play for most of the season, if at all. I have the agility of a brick now. I will, however, make the world’s greatest scorekeeper!

What I am looking forward to: Finishing the baby’s room!

Milestones: My gestation diabetes test and blood work came back all clear, so I’m good to eat donuts and ice cream still! I also signed Kyle and I up for prenatal classes in May.