Waiting on marriage

First comes love, then comes marriage, then come [name] pushing the baby carriage!

If only that were true these days!

As I am mentioned a couple times, Kyle and I have been dating for a loooong time. Like, seven years, long. We’ve been together since we were 16. It’s an oddity these days to find couples who have been dating that long. I know of three other couples who started dating when they were 16/17 and two of them are married. (I even went to both weddings last year)

Back in the day, my mom was already married and pregnant (with yours truly) by the time she was my age. Kyle and I have been taking things slow. We’ve only been living together for just over a year and we’re slowly starting to save for a house.

Basically, what it comes down it is, people these days are taking their time to get educated and establish themselves in the world before settling down. Kyle and I would rather have good jobs and a house before getting married. Yeah, we’ll eventually get married. Truuust me.

I’m just tired of people asking me “When are you guys going to get married??” Really, I have no idea. One day, when we’re where we want to be in life, it’ll happen. We’re perfectly happy shacked up in sin (so to speak) and the past year of living together has been amazing. One of my friends said to me once that I should give up after 10 years if hadn’t proposed. Yeah, I’d love that ring on my finger, but I think that if you love someone enough it shouldn’t matter how long he takes to pop the question.

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts.  We’ll get married, one day. I don’t know when, but I know it will happen. Good things happen to those who wait, right?

The Price of Pet Ownership

Pets aren’t cheap. Even if you get them for free, they still cost a lot to maintain. Take dogs, for example. You have to (or at least should) spay or neuter them, get their shots once a year, buy them food … the list goes on.

I’ve always had pets in my life. My first pet was Toby, a little Siamese looking cat. She was quite an adorable kitty but she was eaten by a coyote. :( We eventually got a couple other cats, first Ariel (after the Little Mermaid) and then Flounder (again … Little Mermaid). We eventually got a dog too … Daisy the Dalmatian.

Daisy and Flounder!

Eventually, we had to give Daisy away. She had all sorts of skin problems and she was allergic to everything. She had to have special dog food that cost about $55 a bag and when my parents split up, it was too much for my mom to afford. We gave her to a family with a little boy in a wheelchair who desperately wanted a dog, so it was a good thing in the end.

Personally, I’ve always believed that you should never get a pet unless you know you can absolutely afford and handle it. I know a lot of pets wind up either at animal shelters or even just abandoned because people don’t realize how much work they are. Of course, things always happen in life that you don’t expect and sometimes you have to give up your pets, especially like in Daisy’s situation.

I was really sad when we had to give her away, but eventually we got another dog, a yellow lab we named Tanner. He’s a wonderful dog and he’s my favourite “puppy”! He’s going to be 8 I think this year, so he’s had an awesome life. He’s getting old and it’s showing, but he still has the spirit of a puppy.

My Mister Tanner-Bo-Banner <3

When I moved out of my mom’s place and in with my dad to go to school, I really started to miss my dogs. (My mom also has a maltipoo) I begged my dad to let me get a dog, but he refused. Kyle got a puppy just after Halloween (he named her Molly) and so I lived vicariously through him in my dog owning dreams. I was jealous, plain and simple! Eventually my dad caved and let me get a dog as an early Christmas present. After searching the Buy & Sell, I found an ad for Alaskan Malamute puppies, called, and after a sketchy drive up a snowy dirt road, Daphne came into my life as a runty little fur ball!

She’s six-weeks old in this photo, the night I brought her home!

She’s pretty much been the love of my life (other than Kyle obviously) and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! I’ve learned that being a pet owner really isn’t cheap. The other night I took her to the emergency vet clinic because he muzzle was all swollen and looking awful. I panicked and took her, and $227 and 24 hours later, the swelling is finally starting to go away.

I suppose if it were a child, I’d do the same thing. But Daphne is kind of like my child, my fur child if you will, and by making her mine I accepted all the responsibilities a parent would do for a real child. I feed her, bathe her, make sure she has a place to sleep … you know. I just wish more people realized how much responsibility there is behind pet ownership.If only they did a little more research to each species and breeds needs, a lot of that wouldn’t happen I think.

I wouldn’t call myself a PETA or Humane Society extremist, but I do love animals. Period. I wouldn’t live without them in my life :)

Have you had any special pets in your life? What do you think of people who buy certain animals just because they think they’re in fashion or they’re easy to take care of, only to give them away or abandon them?