WTW: 6 Months!

Today’s Wedding Talk Wednesday is brought to you by the letter six! That is, my wedding is in six months! And there’s still SO MUCH to do! I even had a mini panic attack Monday afternoon.

Let’s see, I still have to:

  1. Find bridesmaid dresses
  2. Pick flowers
  3. Find favours for our guests
  4. Get wedding bands
  5. Make & mail out invitations
  6. Figure out decorations

And then there’s the usual stuff, like getting the marriage license, have my dress fitted and altered (once it arrives), get the guys their tux’s, and PAYING FOR EVERYTHING! It’s starting to get a little overwhelming.

Watching Rich Bride, Poor Bride while I type this blog post definitely doesn’t help either. Where the hell do these people get the money to buy a $500 tiara?? Holy muther-f’er …

Anyway, I know it will eventually all come together. I already have the invitations, they just need to be printed; and my aunt is an awesome florist and has offered to help me with the flowers. The only things I’m really lost on are decorations and favours. I already know what I’m personally giving my bridal party, and Kyle knows what he wants to give his guys, but neither of us know what do give our guests at the reception. Candy? Keepsakes? Homemade? Bought it bulk? One wedding I went to a couple years ago did homemade truffles and another did baby pine trees to take home and plant. I just don’t know!

There’s actually a Bridal Fair at the end of this month that I hope to be able to go to if Job #2 isn’t douchy and gives me the day off. I’m really hoping that it will give me lots of ideas!

Any suggestions for favours? What would you want to get as a favour? Something edible or something that will last forever?