Today I Love …

I got the idea to do this post from Amber, who got the idea from Caitlin for Change the Way You See – Not the Way You Look Week

It’s all too easy to look in the mirror and see nothing but flaws. I know, because sometimes, that’s all I seem to do. A little belly fat here, a little weird body hair there … it all makes you self conscious.

It’s interesting; the same day I stumbled upon this amazing idea to promoting loving yourself for who you are, Kyle told me that he never notices all the little flaws I seem to find in myself. He said that the only time he ever notices is when I’m picking or poking at something on myself. This just made me think: I need to love myself more.

Today, I love my  shoulders and arms. Sure, they’re out of proportion to the rest of my body, but they’re wonderfully strong. My shoulders are there for someone to cry on, my arms are always open for a hug when you need it.

My ginormous arms and shoulders are courtesy of my dad’s side of the family, where they’re not petite, fragile Chinese women but wonderfully healthy and stocky. Chow women are strong women!

I’m ready for the gun show, to point out which way the beach is and to point out the gum on my shoe. I love my arms.

What do you love about your body today?

Git Yer Herr Did

Last Friday, I decided to chop all my hair off. Like. OFF. Okay, maybe not buzzed off, and maybe not pixie-cut off, but it’s gone.

My usual routine is to grow my hair long past my shoulders for a couple years before chopping it short to chin-length. It’s always hard for me to do – I grew up with LOOOONG hair. Think down to your butt-crack long. I remember when I first had my hair all chopped off – I was maybe in Grade 5 – it was the weirdest feeling.

Ever since then, I haven’t cut it drastically, except for a couple occasions. Long hair as always seemed like a security blanket for me. I feel more feminine in a way, but with my short hair, I feel more grown-up. As my grandma said, “I don’t look like a teeny-bopper.” lol

When I went to the hair dresser’s, I just told her girl, “I want it chopped off.” And so she did; It took an hour and I thought I was going to be late for work. The end result, however, was pleasing:

Okay, that wasn’t taken on the day of the chop, but you get the idea, right? Short! The girl used sooo much product in my hair that it felt nasty. (I only ever use hair spray) Now that I’ve styled it myself, it feels better. I get a couple weird cow-licky things that I don’t know how to fix, but I’ll figure it out. Flat iron when I have the money maybe?

So what’s the boldest thing you ever got did to yerr herr?

And now, if you haven’t watched this video before,  you probably should, because if your sense of humour is anything like mine, you’ll find it hilarious. (Yes, I have frat-boy humour, amongst other types.)

Happy Thursday! :)

Not So Wide Awake

Usually I try to have my posts ready to go the night before. Not so much last night. To be honest, I didn’t really have much to say! But then, when I got up this morning and looked in the mirror, I realized how noticeable it was that I had just woken up. My face is slightly puffy, my eyes are still heavy and my hair is everywhere. I present to you morning, pre-coffee, Kara:

Terrifying, right? Haha! Actually, I don’t look much different than when I’m showered and such. Daphne also wanted to get in on the “Out of Bed” look. I think she can rock it better than I:

Anyway, I’ve never been the kind of girl who can’t leave the house without putting on make-up. I’m rather “plain-Jane”, if you will. I’ve never understood girls who freak out when people see them first thing in the morning with no make-up on. I don’t care how people see me in the morning, as long as they don’t see me with drool stains on my face. While I shower every morning religiously, I can get up and run a quick errand in the morning if I need to before I shower. (I used to have to drive my brother to school when he missed the bus.)

I think that in the morning, you see a person for who they truly are. Seeing a person with no make-up on is almost as intimate as seeing a person naked sometimes, especially when they’re not comfortable without their “face” on.

Who are YOU in the morning?