Race Recap: Blackwell Dairy 15K/3K Fun Run

This year I decided that it would be the year that I jumped up to the full 15km distance for the Blackwell Dairy Run! It was one that didn’t come lightly at first, but considering that it was the required distance to complete the Kamloops Run Series, I didn’t have much of an option!

The weather was pretty stormy leading up to the day of the race, but on the morning of the run the clouds parted and the sun was beaming! It made for a hot, sweaty run but I’d take that over getting soaked any day!

Kyle and I got the girls up and moving early Sunday morning and we were at the Start line with enough time for a bathroom break and some stretching. Kyle decided that he’d run the 3km Fun Run with Isla (at her request), so he kissed me good luck at the starting line and I was off!

It’s pretty well known that this race is one of the toughest in the area, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect exactly aside from hills and heat. Right off the start I developed an annoying stitch under my ribs, but thankfully it went away after I got my lungs warmed up.


Somewhere around the 10-11km mark, when my legs still kind of worked. Photo credit: Phil Hiom

At first the heat wasn’t so bad but once I started running directly into the sun was when it started to really get to me! I was a sweaty, drippy mess, but so was everyone else, so it was okay, haha.

The views on the run were absolutely stunning and it was awesome running through the “country,” so it was a very welcome distraction from my legs screaming at me to stop making them move. The hills were definitely gruelling and pushed me to the limit! Add the heat to that and I can see why everyone comments on how tough this run is! Thankfully, the wind was in my face after the turnaround point which felt wonderful!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 4.06.17 PM

The last couple of hills before the finish line were unbelievable but I knew the end was SO CLOSE. The moment I saw Kyle, Isla, and Norah waiting for me I put what little I had left in the tank and finished as strong as I could. I was GASSED but finished with a time of 1:45:39, which was what about what I thought my time would be. Definitely some room for improvement, but all things considered I’m content with it.

Isla led the way for her and Kyle’s 3km run and finished with a time of 25:03! I’m super proud of her for getting out and being active. Norah ran with Kyle’s mom and she clocked in at 39:27; again, super proud mom, right here!

After I had caught my breath/made sure I wasn’t going to die, it was of course time for ice cream and pancakes! It’s probably the best post-race food ever and I highly recommend it.


In it purely for the ice cream. Photo credit: My MIL

Now that I know the course and what to expect, I’m looking forward to training for it better next year and improving my time! Completing this race proved to me that accomplishing a half-marathon is totally doable for me. You can only go up from here, right?

Of course, a huge shout-out to all the race organizers, volunteers, and runners for making it an amazing event as always!!

3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Blackwell Dairy 15K/3K Fun Run

  1. Way to go on running a really strong race – especially a hilly, hot one! That’s impressive.

    Also, I just *love* how these races are a family event with everyone participating. What fun memories your girls will have!


  2. Great work! That is a TOUGH race!! I always loved those rolling hills on that race though because right when I got to the top of a hill and thought for sure I would HAVE to walk then I would get a downhill again! It’s such a fun, family-friendly race too!


    • I loved/hated those hills! Coasting down them was great, but going up was brutal at times! It’s an awesome family event; I love that it’s not too crowded so it doesn’t feel overwhelming for the younger kids participating.

      On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 9:03 PM She Writes Words wrote:




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