2019: Looking Ahead

We’re a whole week into 2019 and already I feel like it’s going by too fast! Now that we’re back to our regular schedule, I’ve finally been able to sit down and look at the year ahead of me. I generally don’t make resolutions, or goals for that matter, but I do have a few plans in store already for 2019, so I thought I set them in stone before life gets carried away on me.

Finish School

I’m on track to *hopefully* be done my Administrative Assistant program by the end of April, after which I have to complete a 3 week internship. (Ugh) I’m looking forward to the end but at the same time nervous about going back to work! I just hope I can find a job somewhere that will make all this hard work worth it – and childcare. I’ll cross that bridge if/when I get there so I don’t stress out too much about it.


Whenever I hear someone say that they want to travel more, I immediately think of grand vacations that involve ferry rides or airplanes. I don’t necessarily want to travel more in that regard, I hope to take more mini trips with my family, whether it’s just to visit relatives or to the lake for a day. I do have one “big” trip planned already for the summer when my mom and I head to Vancouver to visit my brother/see the Backstreet Boys in concert, so I suppose that’s a start!


Last year was a pretty great starting year when it came to running for me. I could definitely improve on my pace, but I’m looking forward to another fun year of races regardless! I haven’t signed up for anything yet, and I’m more than certain that my goal of running a 1/2 marathon by the end of the year is a BIG one, but I’ll just see where my training takes me and go from there.

I’m also hoping to tackle my goal/dream of running along the Sea Wall this summer when my mom and I head to Vancouver, so fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.

New Dog

Umm, what?!

I knew after some time had passed since I said goodbye to Daphne that I’d want to bring another four-legged friend into the household, it was just a matter of time of when I felt ready.

Well, back in October I mentioned to Kyle that we should get a puppy, so we started pondering over what breed we’d like to have. It wasn’t a super hard decision – we knew we wanted a dog that was trainable but still great with other dogs and kids (obviously). We ultimately decided on a German Shepherd Dog, and after talking back and forth with a breeder, we’ll be bringing home a puppy at the end of February!

It’s going to be chaotic, I’m sure, as we haven’t had a “newborn” in the house since I first got Daphne over 14(!) years ago, but I’m so looking forward to it! Now if only we could decide on a name …

I think that’s about all see coming at us for the time being – I know it’s still going to be a busy year just with all the “regular” stuff we have going on right now. (Swimming lessons, dance, ninja school, regular school, etc.) Either way, I’m looking forward to what this year will bring for our household.

What plans do you have for 2019?

2 thoughts on “2019: Looking Ahead

  1. Oh goodness, so exciting you are getting a puppy!! I totally understand why it took so long to make that decision, I am in the same boat right now. Also I can’t imagine potty training a puppy and a toddler so if/when we do get another dog I think it will be an older, house trained one. Good luck with finishing up your course!! I’m sure you’ll be able to find a great position!


  2. Sounds like you have some beautiful plans for the new year! I love the idea of incorporating more travel, but in smaller, more manageable ways!



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